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Product Format: 2LP               

Price: £14.99 (exc) £17.99 (inc)


Limited 2014 Deluxe 180gm Double BLUE Vinyl edition of the band’s 1981 Studio Album in GATEFOLD Sleeve with 10 Bonus Tracks!

Established in 2004, the Rock Classics Label specialises in Vinyl editions of classic rock albums and is dedicated to providing top quality releases for record collectors and rock fans worldwide. Their releases are pressed on Heavyweight 180gm Vinyl to produce the very best in sound quality, and have a solid, tactile feel that makes them a pleasure to handle. Beautiful vinyl Colours are carefully chosen to complement the artwork, and virtually all their releases come in Heavy Card Gatefold Sleeves. The artwork on all the releases features faithful reproductions of the original edition, and the whole package is a real pleasure to own.
Starting in 2014 the label are re-issuing eight classic albums by HAWKWIND in Vinyl format. All come as Coloured 180gram Double LP’s and have (in most cases) Bonus Tracks.

This is the Definitive Vinyl Edition of ‘Sonic Attack’, an album that was originally released on vinyl in 1981 and their first for the RCA Active imprint. It had its first UK CD release in the mid-90’s on the Emergency Broadcast System label, and on Griffin Records for Canada / USA, and became a huge selling title at CDS towers from that point on.

The definitive Compact Disc edition came in February 2010 when it was Remastered for Esoteric’s Atomhenge imprint. That Double Disc edition featured a Bonus CD with 10 Extra Tracks, all of which appear on the Bonus LP in this 2014 Rock Classics Deluxe Blue Vinyl Edition. 8 of these tracks are Previously Unreleased and they include both sides of the 'Angels Of Death' single, unreleased studio session alternate takes and early demos recorded at Rockfield Studios.

A UK Top 20 hit upon its original LP release, the album opened a new era for HAWKWIND and introduced a new-line-up of the band: Harvey Bainbridge (bass / backing vocals / keyboards), Dave Brock (vocals / guitars / keyboards / synthesizers), Martin Griffin (drums), Huw Lloyd-Langton (lead guitar / lead vocals) and Mike Moorcock (lead vocals).
Like the ‘Choose Your Masques’ album from the same era, the original ‘Sonic Attack’ was re-engineered and featured the same line-up, but here there is more the feel of a classic set of songs rather than the conceptual-flow that ‘CYM’ exhibited with the emphasis more on the driving rock side of things, and with more shared vocal duties, although from start to finish, in every sense, ‘Sonic Attack’ is a classic HAWKWIND album.

This expanded Remastered re-issue of ‘Sonic Attack’ with all it’s Bonus Material, Gatefold Sleeve and Blue Pressing must surely make it the Definitive Vinyl Edition and an essential part of any HAWK-fan’s collection!

‘Sonic Attack’ is also available as a Remastered Double CD with 10 Bonus Tracks – Stock # 1279561
‘Sonic Attack’ is also available to order as a Japanese Remastered HQ Double CD in a Vinyl Replica Card Sleeve with Bonus Tracks – Stock # 1588582


LP 1 – Side A [Original Album Remastered]:
01. Sonic Attack (4:49)
02. Rocky Paths (3:53)
03. Psychsonia (2:33)
04. Virgin Of The World (4:09)
05. Angels Of Death (5:59)

LP 1 – Side B [Original Album Remastered]:
01. Living On A Knife Edge (4:48)
02. Coded Languages (4:51)
03. Disintegration (1:06)
04. Streets Of Fear (4:10)
05. Lost Chances (5:39)

LP 2 – Side A [Unreleased Demos / Alternate Versions]:
01. Angels Of Death [single version] (3:40) * Bonus Track *
02. Transdimensional Man [b-side of single] (3:59) * Bonus Track *
03. Sonic Attack [first version] (3:30) * Bonus Track *
04. Out Of The Void (2:08) * Bonus Track *
05. Lost Chances [extended alternate version] (7:08) * Bonus Track *
06. Streets Of Fear [alternate version] (5:49) * Bonus Track *

LP 2 – Side B [Unreleased Demos / Alternate Versions]:
01. Devilish Dirge (3:52) * Bonus Track *
02. End Of Earth City [demo] (6:29) * Bonus Track *
03. Speed Of Light [Transdimensional Man demo] (7:57) * Bonus Track *
04. Living On A Knife Edge [extended version] (6:45) * Bonus Track *