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Product Format: 2CD               

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2015 Expanded Remaster with15 Bonus Tracks of the classic 1977 second album by this amazingly talented and unique band!

QUANTUM JUMP are a unique and highly talented bunch of musicians and they made two albums in the mid 70’s that are essential if you have a liking from CARAVAN’s style of dynamic fusion inspired Canterbury Prog, laced with that same healthy sense of humour in the lyrical department.
The first album was good, but for me they really came to a classy peak with their compositions on the ‘Barracuda’ album, with songs riddled with strong melodies, big hooks, clever and humorous lyrical storytelling and backing it all up the stylish, quality playing, these are two criminally ignored 70’s albums that still stand proud today as classic pieces of work, but as they say, it is never too late to catch up and get into great music, especially from such a brilliant band as QUANTUM JUMP!
The band first came together at Farmyard studios in Buckinghamshire in 1974 and comprised Rupert Hine (vocals / keyboards), former CARAVAN member John G. Perry (bass / vocals), Mark Warner (guitar) and former PEDDLERS member Trevor Morais (drums). Their self-titled debut album was written and recorded at Farmyard studios throughout 1975 and was eventually released on the Decca’s Electric Records label in 1976 to critical acclaim. Stylistically, QJ feature a unique fusion of rock and jazz-rock, displaying the excellent musicianship of the band members, along with a healthy sense of humour.

For ‘Barracuda’, the band’s 2nd album, guitarist Mark Warner was replaced by Paul Keogh and they were also joined by guests such as: Geoffrey Richardson (ex-CARAVAN - viola, Elkie Brooks (guest vocalist on the album’s title track) and members of the PENGUIN CAFÉ ORCHESTRA.

Newly Remastered from the Original Tapes, this reissue of ‘Barracuda’ has been expanded to include 15 Bonus Tracks spread over 2 CD’s, including the band’s entire memorable ‘live’ appearance on the BBC Radio One 'In Concert' show in July 1977, which saw guitarist Roye Albrighton (formerly with NEKTAR) in a short lived role as a member of the ‘live’ band, along with special guest Geoffrey Richardson on viola.
The remaining Bonus Tracks include: Two Single Edits that are previously unreleased on CD, two out-takes from the 1977 recording sessions at Trident studios in London, and Four Rare Tracks taken from the 1979 remix compilation album: ‘Mixing’. It also includes a Booklet that fully restores the Original Album Artwork and a New Essay and Interview with Rupert Hine.

Also available in this series by QUANTUM JUMP:
BARRACUDA (Expanded & Remastered Double CD) Stock # 1741474

‘Quantum Jump’ was released on 27th October 2014.


Disc 1 [‘Barracuda’ Album – Remastered):
01. Don’t Look Now
02. Séance {Too Spooky}
03. Barracuda
04. Starbright Park
05. Love Crossed {Like Vines In Our Eyes}
06. Blue Mountain {Aloha Green Sea}
07. Europe On A Dollar A Day
08. Neighbours {Limbo Cottage}
09. Summer In The City * Bonus Track *
10. Take Me To The Void Again [work-in-progress mix] * Bonus Track *
11. Don’t Look Now [1979 remix version] * Bonus Track *
12. Barracuda [1979 remix version] * Bonus Track *

Disc 2 [Additional * Bonus Tracks *]:
01. No American Starship [previously unreleased BBC Radio One ‘In Concert’ – 16th July 1977]
02. Over Rio [previously unreleased BBC Radio One ‘In Concert’ – 16th July 1977]
03. Don’t Look Now [previously unreleased BBC Radio One ‘In Concert’ – 16th July 1977]
04. Barracuda [previously unreleased BBC Radio One ‘In Concert’ – 16th July 1977]
05. Séance {Too Spooky} [previously unreleased BBC Radio One ‘In Concert’ – 16th July 1977]
06. Lone Ranger [previously unreleased BBC Radio One ‘In Concert’ – 16th July 1977]
07. Starbright Park [previously unreleased BBC Radio One ‘In Concert’ – 16th July 1977]
08. Don’t Look Now [Single version - previously unreleased on CD]
09. Love Crossed {Like Vines In Our Eyes} [Single version - previously unreleased on CD]
10. Blue Mountain {Aloha Green Sea} [1979 remix version]
11. Neighbours {Limbo Cottage} [1979 remix version]