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‘Homebrew 6’ finds the YES guitarist playing all of the instruments himself apart from track 6 which features Nick Beggs (bass) and Dylan Howe (drums)!

For nearly 35 years, Steve Howe has been at the forefront of guitarists in popular music. Actually, simply referring to Howe as a just a guitarist is limiting. In addition to being a songwriter he plays more instruments than just the guitar. If it has strings and a fretboard, Howe has mastered it and recorded with it at some point on one of countless albums he's been a part of as a group member, solo artist and special guest.

The ‘Homebrew’ project of releases which started with ‘Volume 1’ way back in 1996 draws on Steve Howe’s own expansive home studio archive of demos and tracks, originally recorded for one of his many solo projects or recordings with YES, ASIA, ABWH and GTR.

The 18 tracks on ‘Homebrew 6’ are presented in their original recorded form and have never before been released.

The CD Booklet contains comprehensive sleeve notes from Steve himself, outlining the history and workings behind each of the tracks.

‘Homebrew 6’ is released on 25th March 2016.


01. It Was All We Knew
02. Bar Riff
03. No Disguise
04. Rose
05. Held To Ransom
06. Grand Scheme Of Things
07. Passing Phase
08. Fall Of Civilisation
09. Maiden Voyage
10. Edge Of Town
11. Go Through This
12. Full Moon
13. Sketches In The Sun
14. With A Southern Accent
15. In The Hour Of Need
16. Hold On
17. Heat City
18. Can t Live In The Past

TPT - 53.25