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Influenced by classic Progressive bands of the 70’s – CAMEL, FLOYD, FOCUS and P.F.M. and PALLAS from the 80’s – this album is an absolute sensation!

* Please click on the Video icon in right corner above to listen to a YouTube sample track from the album *

APERCO is an amazing new Israeli band that sounds like all the Classic Rock and Progressive bands listed above!
Fantastic melodies and a huge symphonic sound characterize their music. The melodic guitar solos are like a meld of FLOYD’s David Gilmour and CAMEL’s Andrew Latimer, and the same member is responsible for the vocals (great English by the way) and these are also very similar to those of Gilmour with the same relaxed/languid delivery style as the FLOYD master. The keyboards are fantastic too, with huge symphonic crescendos bringing some tracks to a close, bringing P.F.M. and PALLAS to mind. There are some nice flute and organ passages that as so classic Bardens period CAMEL it’s not true!

If you like any of the bands above, then it’s an odds on certainty that there’s a lot of pleasure to be derived for you from this brilliant debut album by APERCO. The CD comes in a laminated Digi-Pak with a Booklet and nice graphics throughout.

APERCO was officially formed in 2013 when the band began working on their debut album, recording together with producer Gideon Ricardo and their first keyboard player: Tal Maizel.
The finished album was titled: 'The Battle' and it is a concept work full of motives depicting a person’s life cycle, with each track describing a different emotional stage.

Two single releases have been taken from the album: 'Focused' and 'Dissonant Sound Within', both of which became huge rock radio favourites in Israel.

APERCO play to sell-out crowds at their concerts in their homeland of Israel
They were chosen as the opening act for DEEP PURPLE's big concert in Israel in May of 2016, a performance produced in honour of their entry into the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”.

There are lots of sample tracks and video available to support this album on YouTube and we have featured one in our online store’s page for ‘The Battle’.

The APERCO musician line-up is: Tom Maizel (guitar / vocals), Ronen Peled (keyboards), Yuval Raz (bass) and Dor Adar (drums).

‘The Battle’ was released on 1st October 2016.


01. Intro (2:20)
02. Focused (2:24)
03. To Live Another Day (5:56)
04. A Call For Submission (5:45)
05. Battle (11:37)
06. Euphoria (6:32)
07. Delirium Before Lunch (5:00)
08. Dissonant Sound Within (7:37)
09. Horizon (2:38)
10. Awaken (11:39)

TPT - 61:28