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Product Format: 2CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: Normally £15.99 Currently £10.83 (exc) £12.99 (inc)


Almost like Eric Woolfson’s part in the Alan Parsons Project, and his ‘Excalibur’ trilogy released between 2003 and 2013 were all certified Gold and Platinum!

Now, this IS a real treat!
Alan Simon is the creator of the legendary: ‘Excalibur’ Celtic Rock Opera series of excellent Prog concept albums.

This 40-Track collection brings together a cross-section of Simon’s work from his various Projects and Rock Operas, including the ‘Excalibur’ trilogy of albums.
The Double Disc set features a galaxy of guest appearances from the likes of: members of SUPERTRAMP, MIDNIGHT OIL, Alan Parsons, Jon Anderson [YES / ABWH), FAIRPORT CONVENTION, Moya Brennan [CLANNAD], Christian Décamps [ANGE], John Wetton [ASIA / KING CRIMSON], Justin Hayward [MOODY BLUES], Maddy Prior [STEELEYE SPAN], Billy Preston, Roberto Tiranti, Martin Barre [JETHRO TULL], Les Holroyd [BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST], Mick Fleetwood [FLEETWOOD MAC], Zucchero and more.

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‘Songwriter’ was released on 20th November 2017.


CD 1:
01. Celtic Ring [feat. Alan Parsons]
02. Les Cavaliers Du Vent
03. World [feat. Brankica Vasic]
04. Morholt
05. Origins – Part 1 [feat. Moya Brennan]
06. Kings
07. Lettre À Yseult [feat. Christian Décamps]
08. Dihun
09. War
10. Ad Libitum [feat. Carlos Nunez]
11. Celtic Land
12. Beltaine [feat. FAIRPORT CONVENTION]
13. Skye [feat. Skilda]
14. Castle Rock (feat. FAIRPORT CONVENTION]
15. Dun Aengus [feat. Martin Barre]
16. The End
17. In The Wind Of The Celtic Dream [feat. Konan Mevel]
18. The Vision [feat. John Wetton]
19. Adela [feat. Jesse Siebenberg]
20. I’m Not The Only One [feat. Jesse Siebenberg & John Helliwell]

CD 2:
01. No Man’s Land [feat. MIDNIGHT OIL]
02. Come [feat. Jesse Siebenberg]
03. Elements [feat. Roger Hodgson & Dan Ar Braz]
04. Dancing Heart [feat. Roberto Tiranti]
05. Circle Of Life [feat. Jon Anderson]
06. Fame And Glory (feat. FAIRPORT CONVENTION]
07. Peace On Earth [feat. Heather Small & Billy Preston]
08. Angel’s Tears [feat. Jeremy Spencer]
09. Where Is The Way [feat. Billy Preston]
10. On The Road [feat. Justin Hayward]
11. Jangadero [feat. Cesaria Evora]
12. Evil Day [feat. Roberto Tiranti]
13. Secret Garden [feat. Maddy Prior]
14. World [feat. Zucchero & Anggun]
15. Motherland [feat. Jimmy O’Neill]
16. Saman [feat. Les Holroyd & Mick Fleetwood]
17. Marie La Cordelière [feat. James Wood & FAIRPORT CONVENTION]
18. Lugh [feat. John Wetton & Martin Barre]
19. Desire [feat. Les Holroyd]
20. Prayer For My Lover [feat. Siobhan Owen]