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Probably a band unheard of by the majority of Prog fans - Sadly it’s already deleted, and with prices already rising on the net - You miss this at your peril!

I guess this is the first and last time we’ll have this, so without going into too great an amount of detail …
MACHINES DREAM is a Canadian band comprising of great musicians and song writing skills.
‘Black Science’ is their 3rd album, and first impressions suggest it is a concept album, but it covers many elements of struggle and conflict within the 20th century. It’s dark in some parts and uplifting in others, but it is a melodic tour de force and was rated by reviewers as one of the best Prog albums of 2017.

It’s not that easy to pigeonhole their brand of the genre and line it up against too many other bands, but listing the names that they listen to and have obviously influenced them might give you an idea of what/who they are like… PINK FLOYD, PORCUPINE TREE, GENESIS, MARILLION, KING CRIMSON, and TOOL and those influences are recognizably present in their music ... certainly on this album I would say the main two are: PORCUPINE TREE and PINK FLOYD ... the title track is definitely a bit ‘Us And Them’ ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ period FLOYD, even down to the sax solo!

Yes it's thematic Prog rock, and yes there are some lengthy tracks, but it's one of those albums to make a listener sit up and just revel in pure spine tingling music – well constructed songs that leave plenty space for soaring electric guitar breaks and sensational synth solos. My only slight criticism would be that some of the vocals are a bit monographic … would that be the word to use? – Otherwise, excellent stuff!

The musician line-up for ‘Black Science’ is: Craig West (lead vocals, bass, producing & mixing), Rob Coleman (lead guitar), Brian Holmes (keyboards), Jake Rendell (acoustic guitar / backing vocals) and Ken Coulter (drums), with: Jakub Olejnik (vocals), Jenny Gauvreau (backing vocals), Chris Belsito (backing vocals) and Josh Norling (sax).

‘Black Science’ comes in a twin-panel Digi-Pak with a 20-Page Booklet.


01. Armistice Day (1:34)
02. Weimar (10:41)
03. The Cannons Cry (4:18)
04. Heavy Water (8:36)
05. Airfield On Sunwick {For Wojtek} (6:11)
06. Black Science (8:17)
07. UXB (4:59)
08. Noise To Signal (8:47)

TPT - 53:23