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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: £10.83 (exc) £12.99 (inc)


Final copies of a studio album featuring Mark Shreeve and brother Julian has three long, sequencer-driven works with two shorter, gentle bridge pieces!

Not as overdriven and industrial as the previous REDSHIFT album: ‘Last’, ‘Turning Towards Us’ is still pretty aggressive and energy charged, with its fair share of melodies as well.

‘Love Of Nature’ is rhythmic all the way through, but becomes more explosive later in the piece.
‘Last Thing We See’ is the first of the quieter bridge pieces and sounds a little like early Virgin period TANGERINE DREAM in “floaty” atmospheric mode.
‘Clan’ goes back to the more aggressive sounds with big bass and some fine electric guitar work from Julian.
‘Happy Hour’ is the second of the bridge tracks and again it’s quiet and atmospheric, leading to the album’s title track and it’s real tour de force …
‘Turning Towards Us’ is the most obviously familiar REDSHIFT piece on the album, with plenty for the sequencer fans to feast on! The track builds for a while before opening out into a bigger, fill-blown epic with melodic synthesizer lines leading the way before eventually dying away in an air of restrained ambient atmospherics.

If you’re a Mark Shreeve / REDSHIFT fan, you won’t want to miss this … and after these copies are gone it will disappear forever!

‘Turning Towards Us’ was released on 24th November 2008.

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01. Love Of Nature (13:35)
02. Last Thing We See (2:41)
03. Clan (13:14)
04. Happy Hour (2:44)
05. Turning Towards Us (22:47)

TPT: 55:03