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Product Format: LPCD               

Price: £16.66 (exc) £19.99 (inc)


2016 Remastered Reissue of this ex-KRAFTWERK member’s 2003 debut solo album on Vinyl containing the album on CD with a Bonus Track added!

"’Communication’ is about the way images determine our view of the world and how electronic media is going to change the content of our society" said legendary ex-KRAFTWERK member Karl Bartos of his debut solo album when it was first released back in 2003.
It was a pivotal moment in technological times and by extension cultural ones, the world of digital was no longer an on-the-horizon vision only brought to realisation by pioneers and visionaries - such as Bartos - but it was instead almost here, around the corner and facing everyone square in the face. ‘Communication’ was an attempt to capture these changing, perhaps unknown, times and distil them through the voice of someone who most would feel comfortable being led into the future with. Thirteen years down the line, Bartos is re-releasing the album complete with a Pristine Remastering.
Due to record label frugality, and perhaps being somewhat overshadowed by the coincidental return of his ex-band and their ‘Tour de France’ soundtrack album at the same time, ‘Communication’ was unable to take the momentum and energy of the material on the album and process it into a spirited public campaign, leaving it to often be referred to as Bartos’ ‘Lost Album’.
Originally released in 2003 it has now been entirely and pristinely re-mastered by Michael Schwabe, Monoposto Düsseldorf/Germany. The re-release also comes with the previously un-included track: ‘Camera Obscura’, which sounds like it could have been a lost track from Kraftwerk’s: ‘Computer World’ era.

‘Communication’ is also available as a Standard CD – Stock # 1846759

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‘Communication’ is released on 25th March 2016.


LP – Side A:
01. Camera (3.56)
02. I'm The Message (5.02)
03. 15 Minutes Of Fame (4.11)
04. Reality (4.39)
05. Electronic Apeman (5.36)

LP – Side B:
01. Life (3.29)
02. Cyberspace (6.33)
03. Interview (4.43)
04. Ultraviolet (4.08)
05. Another Reality (3.26)

01. Camera (3.56)
02. I'm The Message (5.02)
03. 15 Minutes Of Fame (4.11)
04. Reality (4.39)
05. Electronic Apeman (5.36)
06. Life (3.29)
07. Cyberspace (6.33)
08. Interview (4.43)
09. Ultraviolet (4.08)
10. Camera Obscura (6.30) * Bonus Track *
11. Another Reality (3.26)