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Product Format: CD               

Price: £12.49 (exc) £14.99 (inc)


After their esteemed 2014 ‘Volume 10’ CD, the fantastic ELECTRIC ORANGE are back with their 11th studio album of Instrumental Electronic Psychedelia!

Firstly, a major point of interest here for Synth Music fans is the fact that the keyboards wizard that recently created the two magnificent early TANGERINE DREAM influenced albums by COSMIC GROUND is the driving force within ELECTRIC ORANGE!

Equipped with a broad range of vintage instruments out of the 60's and 70's, ELECTRIC ORANGE is connected to the early era of Krautrock in a very special way.
On ‘Misophonia’ they go about it skilfully and bring their vintage influences into the modern age.
Never in any doubt, ELECTRIC ORANGE is probably the greatest exponent of this style of music today.

This is pure Neo-Krautrock at the highest level!

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‘Misophonia’ is released on 7th August 2016.


01. Organized Suffering (18:09)
02. Bottledrone (11:48)
03. Demented (7:51)
04. Misophonia I (8:57)
05. Shattered (4:40)
06. Misophonia II (1:18)
07. Opsis (5:25)
08. Misophonia III (17:36)

TPT – 75:44