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Product Format: CD               

Price: Normally £12.99 Currently £9.16 (exc) £10.99 (inc)


Explores how the human brain's evolved in the Internet era - an online portal to a world of high concept design custom built for the ultra-modern consumer!

Sunglasses… teeth whitener… deluxe-edition box sets… volcanic ash soap… multivitamin supplements… noise-cancelling headphones… designer trainers… detox drinks… organic LED television… fake eyelashes… branded water… self-doubt… self-esteem…

As well as being Wilson’s phenomenal 6th album, 'Future Bites' is very much Steven Wilson’s 2020 exploration of how the human brain has evolved in this era of the Internet.

Where 2017’s ‘To The Bone’ confronted the emerging global issues of post truth and fake news, ‘Future Bites’ places the listener in a world of 21st century addictions. It’s a place where on-going, very public experiments constantly take place into the affects of nascent technology on our lives.
From out of control retail therapy, manipulative social media and the loss of individuality, ‘Future Bites’ is less a bleak vision of an approaching dystopia, more a curious reading of the here and now.

Musically, ‘Future Bites’ gleams. Featuring gorgeous electronic sounds warped by human intervention (‘King Ghost’), soaring acoustics that head straight upwards into the stratosphere (‘12 Things I Forgot’), relentless bass-driven Motorik grooves (‘Follower’) and swampish, murky funk (‘Eminent Sleaze’), it is Steven’s most consistently brilliant work to date.

‘Future Bites’ was recorded in London and co-produced by David Kosten (BAT FOR LASHES / EVERYTHING EVERYTHING) and Steven Wilson.

Online, ‘Future Bites’ is an open door to a world of purchase power where everything is marketable and nothing is too random to be put on sale. Inspired by such notable 21st century artefacts as the Virgil Abloh ceramic block and Vitality Air canned Canadian oxygen, the Future Bites is a fully designed consumer universe (built in collaboration with Baby and Crystal Spotlight) that’s been designed to be accessible and addictive to anyone from the casual fan to the hardcore collector.

The first track taken from the 'Future Bites' album – the ten-minute long Moroder-esque tour de force: ‘Personal Shopper’ – is online on all streaming platforms and via the ‘Future Bites’ website now.

‘Future Bites’ is also available as a BluRay Disc – Stock # 2204576
‘Future Bites’ is also available as a HQ Black Vinyl LP – Stock # 2204577
‘Future Bites’ is also available as a Limited HQ Red Vinyl LP – Stock # 2204578

‘Future Bites’ is released on 12th June 2020.


01. Unself
02. Self
03. King Ghost
04. 12 Things I Forgot
05. Eminent Sleaze
06. Personal Shopper
07. Man Of The People
08. Follower
09. Anyone But Me