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One of the finest GENESIS music inspired Prog bands on the planet are back with their amazing brand new 2021 studio album of fantastic original music!

The WATCH is a hugely talented 5-piece Symphonic Prog band from Italy that started on their way in 2001, releasing eight studio albums (including this one) of their own material and one ‘live’ album over the following two decades.

As many of the Prog fans who have witnessed concerts by The Watch will testify, musically speaking, the are arguably the world’s finest GENESIS (Gabriel period) tribute band in a ‘live’ setting, but this amazing band are equally brilliant in the studio performing their of brand of GENESIS inspired original material.
All their past studio albums have been incredible, and so too will the 2021 release ‘Art Of Bleeding’, their first concept album comprising 8 new tracks with modern edge designed to thrill fans of classic 70’s Prog and beyond!
The album also features a beautiful cover of the Nick Magnus track: ‘Howl The Stars Down’ from his classic 2010 ‘Children Of Another God’ album.

‘Art Of Bleeding’ is released on 21st June 2021 and comes in a Digi-Pak with 12-Page Booklet.

‘Art Of Bleeding’ is also available as a HQ Vinyl LP – Stock # 2205322

More on the band…
The WATCH line-up is: Giorgio Gabriel (electric guitars / 6 & 12 string acoustic guitars / classical guitar / bass guitars), Simone Rossetti (vocals / Mellotron / synthesizers / flute), Valerio De Vittorio (keyboards / Hammond L122 organ / Mellotron / synthesizers), Mattia Rossetti (bass guitar / bass pedals) and Marco Fabbri (drums / percussion).

With melody, energy and top-class playing always at the forefront of the band’s music, you will hear the sounds of vintage keyboards (Hammond organ, Mellotron etc.), flute and sweeping, melodious Hackett style guitar work all feature heavily within their highly accomplished original material.

For ‘live’ shows however The WATCH becomes one of THE finest (Peter Gabriel period) GENESIS tribute bands in the world today! With a vocalist that is the nearest you will ever hear to the young Peter Gabriel (in perfect English) and instruments that replicate 70’s GENESIS to a tee, you are taken on a fantastic trip down memory lane when – to an incredible degree of accuracy - they perform classics such as: ‘Watcher Of The Skies’, ‘The Cinema Show’, ‘Firth Of Fifth’, ‘The Fountain of Salmacis’, ‘I Know What I Like…’, ‘The Knife’, ‘The Musical Box’ extracts from ‘The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway’ and of course the epic: ‘Supper’s Ready’ (in full) and more, all intermingled with one or two of their own original - GENESIS influenced - tracks!

The WATCH have toured regularly and extensively all over Europe, the U.K. and Canada for years. Their ‘live’ concerts are something a Progressive-Rock music lover should not miss! Already recommended by ex-GENESIS guitarist Steve Hackett as: “a band of very talented people” and by GENESIS’ album cover artist Paul Whitehead as: “the band who reminds me most of GENESIS magic…” The WATCH really is a band you must see if you are a fan of one of the greatest Progressive-Rock bands of all-time!

* A range of WATCH in concert videos are available from their Website ( and on YouTube *

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01. An Intro (3:25)
02. Red (6:45)
03. Abendlicht (7:40)
04. The Fisherman (5:53)
05. Hatred Of Wisdon (5:20)
06. Howl The Stars Down (3:38)
07. Black Is Deep (3:53)
08. Red Is Deep (9:35)

TPT - 46:09