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Wonderful re-imagining of epic 80’s instrumental Symphonic Prog masterpiece that first emerged via the Art Of Landscape music video TV channel!

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The original ‘Wine Dar Sea’ recording was one of the very first albums to be released on CD when the “new” digital disc medium first emerged in the mid 1980’s.
The release of this album also coincided with the opening of CD Services as a company way back then, and it went on to become a massive seller for us at the time and continued on that course until the title was deleted in the 90’s. Safe to say, ‘Wine Dar Sea’ became a firm favourite of many new customers who were just coming on board at CDS when the exciting new format was just emerging and gaining notoriety.
Many of the music fans that bought the original album back then are still with us today, so here, 45 years on, this magnificent re-working of what I feel was undoubtedly Stephen’s finest hour; ‘Return To Wine Dark Sea’ in it’s coat of new and exciting musical colours will be seen as a very welcome return to the racks at CDS Towers for these customers as well as ourselves!

For ’Wine Dark Sea’ you have to think symphonic Mike Oldfield music (‘Hergest Ridge’ etc), or say CAMEL (‘Snow Goose’ etc.) and the music of neo-classical rock group SKY, where acoustic / electric guitars, keyboards and percussion all meet in melodic grandiose splendour to produce what can only be described as Rock’s equivalent of moving English classical music.
On the new version: ‘Return To Wind Dark Sea’ you will find 11 beautifully crafted emotive instrumental tracks filled with fantasy, flair and drama, with generous measures of pure romanticism and perfectly engaging escapism.
If Symphonic Prog/Rock is your thing, it’s all here for you this newly recorded re-work.

Based on the story of Homer’s epic poem: ‘The Odyssey’, ‘Wine Dark Sea’ had it’s world premier at the Victoria Palace in London in 1983. In 1986 a recording deal was offered to Stephen, and working on a tight budget he assembled the bare essentials of the music and performed the work on guitars, keyboards and a drum machine for release on Vinyl LP and the new format of the time that was so perfectly suited to this music…the Compact Disc!

After a long break from music, in recent years Stephen has set up a new recording studio and learned to use new sampling technology. For the first time, this offered him the opportunity to create a revised score of his work, performing all the orchestral and choral parts himself using sampled instruments, alongside his keyboards, acoustic & electric guitars, bass and drums.
Almost three years in the making ‘Wine Dark Sea’ now has added new parts and orchestrations, with the result being Stephen can now present the work sounding exactly as he always imagined it should be …music full of huge emotional power and nuances that sounds every bit as fresh, vibrant and exciting now as it did in the 80’s… and more!

If you love your Symphonic Prog, then look no further than this full and rich listening experience to movingly guide you on a new voyage of discovery through the ‘Wine Dark Sea’.

‘Return To Wind Dark Sea’ comes packaged in a 4-Panel Mini-LP style Gatefold Card Sleeve.

‘Return To Wine Dark Sea’ is released on 7th December 2021.

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1st Movement:
01. Prelude (1:56)
02. A New Dawn (2:55)
03. Setting Sail (5:30)
04. Mysterious Ocean (1:30)
2nd Movement:
05. Dreams Of Old (6:52)
06. Tears Of Battle (5:25)
3rd Movement:
07. Fair Winds (3:30)
08. March To The Carillion (3:35)
09. Spirit Of Angels (7:06)
4th Movement:
10. Turning The Tide (3:15)
11. Resolution (6:23)

TPT – 48:10