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Product Format: BX06               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: £21.66 (exc) £25.99 (inc)


This is similarly packaged to ‘Omnibus 1’, namely a Clamshell Box with the albums housed in 4 Gatefold Card Sleeves with a 32-Page Booklet included!

The SAMURAI OF PROG release ‘Omnibus 2 - The Middle Years’ box in November 2021.
The box includes 4 TSOP albums: ‘On We Sail’, ‘Archiviarum’, ‘Toki No Kaze’ and ‘Beyond The Wardrobe’.
It also includes 5 New Bonus Tracks (approx 35 minutes of new music).

A short introduction to The SAMURAI OF PROG…
SAMURAI OF PROG is a multinational (mainly instrumental) ensemble that was formed around 2009 as a project lead by Finland-based Italian composer and bassist Marco Bernard. Marco has been active in the Finnish association for Progressive Music since 1995, and had been involved in their Colossus Magazine since 1996.
He was also instrumental in the ‘Colossus’ series of themed albums created in cooperation with French label: Musea. It was for a contribution to one of those projects that SAMURAI OF PROG was born, and joining Bernard as permanent members were USA multi-instrumentalist: Steve Unruh and Finnish drummer: Kimmo Pörsti. Besides this core trio, the philosophy of this band appeared to be to involve additional musicians as needed and wanted, and their 2011 debut effort: ‘Undercover’ bore testimony to that line of thinking, with a list of guest appearances impressive in length and scope, as well as quality.
A 2nd album based on similar philosophy came along in 2013. Entitled: ‘Secret Of Disguise’ it was a double album that lead on to the 3rd release: ‘Imperial Hotel’, the epic 2014 studio production which featured members of: ENGLAND (UK), GLASS HAMMER (USA), KENSO (Japan), ANGLAGARD (Sweden) and GENESIS tribute act The MUSICAL BOX (Canada)!
After that came ‘Lost & Found’ in 2016, ‘On We Sail’ in 2017, ‘Archiviarum’ in 2018 and ‘Toki No Kaze {Winds Of Time}’ in 2019.
2020 brought: ‘Beyond The Wardrobe’ plus ‘Demise Of The Third King’s Empire’, which is an alternative version of (originally 57 minute long!) track: ‘The Demise’, originally released on the ‘Lost & Found’ album in 2016.
The end of spring 2021 brought the well received first of the studio albums based on the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm: ‘Lady & The Lion’, which was quickly followed in the summer of that same year by ‘White Snake & Other Grimm Tales II’.

A series of solo albums have also been recorded by the members of SAMURAI OF PROG and these are identically packaged in Lavish 6-Panel Mini LP Style Card Sleeves, and just like the SOP releases, these too seem to have an equally short shelf-life!

PLEASE NOTE: With SAMURAI OF PROG albums, the trend now is they manufacture a limited batch, sell and delete them in a short space of time! These are top-quality releases that sell at a very reasonable price and we always recommend you order them as soon as you see them rather that wait until it’s too late!

‘Omnibus 2-Middle Years’ is released on 15th November 2021.

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Track List …
CD 1 [‘On We Sail’]:
01. On We Sail
02. Elements Of Life
03. Theodora
04. Ascension
05. Ghost Written
06. The Perfect Black
07. Growing Up
08. Over Again
09. Tigers
10. The Iron Mask * Bonus Track *
11. Pentahedron * Bonus Track *

CD 2 [‘Archiviarum’]:
01. Keep The Ball Rolling
02. Ahead OF Fortune
03. La Obscuridad
04. Cristalli
05. Elitropia
06. The Sleeping Lover
07. From This Window
08. Ice
09. Predawn
10. White Skies * Bonus Track *

CD 3 [‘Toki No Kaze’]:
01. A Tear In The Sunset
02. Fair Play
03. Zero
04. The Never Ending Line
05. Au Contraire
06. Reality
07. The Bicycle Ride
08. Castle Blue Dream
09. The Spirits Around Us
10. Nausicaa E I Custodi Della Vita
11. Think Green
12. La Magica E La Realta

CD 4 [‘Beyond The Wardrobe’]:
01. Another Time
02. Dear Amadeus
03. King Of Spades
04. Forest Rondo
05. Jester's Dance
06. Kabane
07. Marigold
08. Brandenburg Gate
09. Washing The Clouds
10. Killing Hopes * Bonus Track *
11. Take Me Down * Bonus Track *