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Product Format: 7V               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: £7.49 (exc) £8.99 (inc)


Record Store Day Exclusive 7” High-Quality Clear Vinyl Chrysalis EP featuring 4 Tracks playing at 33 1/3 rpm and it comes packaged in a Picture Sleeve!

There are a small number of exceptions, but being a “mail-order” operation, and not a “physical shop”, CD Services does not meet the record company criteria to be a “shop” and therefore does not get offered much of what is released for Record Store Day, which falls annually in April.
After the event takes place, it’s only a matter of hours before many of the RSD exclusives are being offered on E-Bay at grossly inflated prices!
We know it’s totally crazy, and we feel, THE major blemish on the record companies policies on how Record Store Day should be run! It should work for music fans, but what is happening instead is music fans that can’t reach an indie “shop” on Record Store Day are being ripped off by the E-Bay fans that can!!!

While these things are not so easy to get hold of at trade level after the event, because of the vast range of contacts/suppliers we have in the industry, we do occasionally mange to locate and secure small batches of the RSD titles for stock. We tend to bring in the titles we feel are best suited to the musical tastes or our customer-base, and, in-keeping with our policy of trying to look after our regulars interests, we exclusively offer these selected RSD titles as close as we can to the original RSD asking prices!

This extremely desirable Record Store Day exclusive is a UFO 7” Clear Vinyl EP, which after only a few days in the public domain, appears to be averaging at anything around £12 - £25 already on E-Bay!
It is a 4-Tracker that plays at 33 1/3 rpm and it comes packaged in a Card Picture Sleeve.

It features: ‘Shoot Shoot’ and ‘Hot ‘N’ Ready’, both of which were originally released on the ‘The Official Bootleg Box Set’ from 2009, ‘Chains Chains’, which is previously unreleased and taken from the forthcoming Chrysalis album: ‘Hot ‘N’ Live – Chrysalis Live Anthology 1974 – 1983’, and ‘Long Gone’, which was originally released on ‘Headstone – Live At Hammersmith 1983’.
The disc sports the original Blue & White Chrysalis Label with black text, and it has been pressed on to top quality heavyweight CLEAR vinyl!

This release is strictly limited to the small quantity of stock we now have and guaranteed to be rarer than the proverbial Rocking Horse droppings!

UFO: LIVE ’N’ READY 7” Vinyl EP Track List:

A Side:
01. Shoot Shoot (Record Plant, NYC 1975)
02. Hot ‘N’ Ready (Cleveland, Ohio 1978)

B Side:
01. Chains Chains (Previously Unreleased - Marquee Club, London 1980)
02. Long Gone (Hammersmith Odeon, London 1983)