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Margin Group Picture-PI.JPGBerlin based Psychedelic Prog project MARGIN burst on to the German Psychedelic Progressive music scene in 2014, but this trio create music that is more dated in the late 60’s / early 70’s!

Their debut album: ‘Psychedelic Teatime’ was released on their own label Madvedge Records.


The spirit of (early) PINK FLOYD is alive within much of what they do, with another influence being the early work of UK Canterbury Psychedelic Prog legends: CARAVAN.  Some reviewers cite their fellow German psyched-up symphonic fantasy Prog rockers ELOY (themselves heavily FLOYD influenced back in the day) as being influential to MARGIN’s music, however the band are not entirely in agreement with that opinion.  Never overtly heavy, the band’s emphasis is always on relaxed melody and high quality playing.  Their songs are easy on the ear and quite addictive, with strong, memorable choruses that quickly draw the listener in.

The use of archive Mellotron sounds offers a “raw” authentic approach that often helps give their music the rather special and unique late 60’s/early 70’s period feel that is so clearly has.

A high percentage of the music made by MARGIN is instrumental, and comes from mainly guitar, keyboards, bass and drums, with some additional acoustic instrumentation along the way.   The complete MARGIN line-up is: Arne Spekat (acoustic guitar), Carola Meinert (background vocals) and Lutz Meinert (lead & background vocals / Mellotron / organ / synthesizers / guitars / bass / drums / percussion and all other instruments).

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