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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

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An excursion into eastern mysticism that both captivates and entrances with its lyrical beauty – Definitely one for the KITARO or SOJIRO fans!

Deep strings and pads are the canvas for skilfully played eastern solo instruments, piano, acoustic guitar and occasional vocal textures to sketch a series of emotive themes that retain an ethereal, magical otherworldliness that is utterly compelling.
Whereas once Robert Fox entranced his audience with melodic synth themes set over powerful rolling dynamics, this new, gentler direction finds epic dynamics of a different but equally effective kind simmering beneath the ‘Still Waters’.
Robert has always composed expertly crafted journey style music, as you would expect from the composer once dubbed "The master of the grand soundscapes", but now there is an additional emotive depth that is at times achingly haunting and that few musicians can aspire to.
‘Still Waters’ weaves a magical spell and the music washes over the listener in waves of gentle rhythmic motion, caressing and pulsating in equal measure.

The label describes ‘Still Waters’ as “quite simply a gem and one of the finest Robert Fox albums to date” and having listened to it I would agree.

Synth fans shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that this is a totally acoustic instrumental journey – it’s not!
The electronics are there, but everything is so well mixed and gracefully played that the electronic and acoustic elements just merge perfectly into one another to form a fantastic sound that when allied to the beautiful melodies and gorgeous atmospheres Fox has created, give an overall result that is still very much one of classic Robert Fox. So, if you are a fan of his earlier lush, totally electronic ethereal soundscapes, you shouldn’t be disappointed with ‘Still Waters’ if you take the time to listen and absorb yourself in the music.


01. Persian Sunrise (4:42)
02. Weeping Dragon (9:15)
03. Hanuman (5:50)
04. Pegasus (7:17)
05. Sirens (7:20)
06. East To West (7:03)
07. Chimera (12:05)
08. Ishtar (7:09)
09. Desert Song (9:02)
10. Persian Sunset (5:34)

TPT - 75:00