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1st studio albums in ages by one of the leading, most erudite & passionate orators of the UK Folk-Rock renaissance and he hasn’t lost an iota of his gifts!

Yes, ‘Man & Myth’ is Roy’s first new studio work in 13 years, and it isn’t just proof that one of the finest artists from the British Folk-Rock renaissance hasn’t lost any of the talent that first endeared him to the hearts of Folk-Rock followers throughout the world, but also timely evidence for anyone who has wondered why so many musical luminaries have been lining up to praise this enigmatic and legendary singer-songwriter.

Having moved to County Cork in Ireland in the late 80’s, and in between planting trees, publishing a book, a DVD, two important compilations and attending to re-mastering his back catalogue, Harper hasn’t endeavoured to release a follow-up to 2000’s ‘Green Man’, “I’ve written poetry, prose, essays and articles and gone through the motions of being Roy, but I didn’t have the will to make another album until recently” he admits. “I was inspired to write again around 2009, by many of the younger generation finding me and asking, who are you? But it’s also been those of my own generation, who said they’d never bothered to listen to me until now, but in the process of looking for something else they might like, they’d found me, and some said they now knew why they’d kept hearing my name. Good for your confidence when things like that happen. I wrote ‘The Stranger’ round about that time (2009), and then fell into what turned out to be another long song. I’d picked up the guitar after a long break, and this song started to engage me with different tunings and ideas, and suddenly I was off to the races again.”

Four of the seven tracks that constitute ‘Man & Myth’ were recorded with Jonathan Wilson at his studio in Laurel Canyon. The recently discovered keeper of the West Coast rock flame had been assembling a Harper tribute album and the two struck up a friendship after meeting backstage at Wilson’s show – Bella Union boss Simon Raymonde was also present – at London’s Borderline in 2012. ‘Heaven Is Here’ and ‘The Exile’, the albums epic closing tracks, and ‘January Man’ were subsequently recorded back in County Cork.
‘Man & Myth’ is incontrovertible proof to everyone of Roy Harper’s persisting brilliance, with many hallmarks of what has singled him out since his first album 47 heady years ago.

‘Man & Myth’ is also available as a CD Digi-Pak – Stock # 1641069

‘Man & Myth’ is released on 23rd September 2013.


01. The Enemy
02. Time Is Temporary
03. January Man
04. The Stranger
05. Cloud Cuckooland
06. Heaven Is Here
07. The Exile