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Product Format: 2LP               

Price: £14.99 (exc) £17.99 (inc)


Limited 2014 Deluxe 180gm Double CLEAR Vinyl edition of the band’s 1982 Studio Album in GATEFOLD Sleeve with 13 Bonus Tracks!

Established in 2004, the Rock Classics Label specialises in Vinyl editions of classic rock albums and is dedicated to providing top quality releases for record collectors and rock fans worldwide.
Their releases are pressed on Heavyweight 180gm Vinyl to produce the very best in sound quality, and have a solid, tactile feel that makes them a pleasure to handle.
Beautiful vinyl Colours are carefully chosen to complement the artwork, and virtually all their releases come in Heavy Card Gatefold Sleeves.
The artwork on all the releases features faithful reproductions of the original edition, and the whole package is a real pleasure to own.
Starting in 2014 the label are re-issuing eight classic albums by HAWKWIND in Vinyl format.
All come as Coloured 180gram Double LP’s and have (in most cases) Bonus Tracks.

This is the Definitive Vinyl Edition of ‘Choose Your Masques’, an album that was originally released on vinyl in 1982 and it was their final album for the RCA Active imprint. It had its first UK CD release in the mid-90’s on the Emergency Broadcast System label, and on Griffin Records for Canada / USA, and became a huge selling title at CDS towers from that point on.
After a brief spell on a Voiceprint double CD re-issue the definitive Compact Disc edition came in November 2010 when it was Remastered for Esoteric’s Atomhenge imprint with 14 Bonus Tracks added to the playlist, 13 of which appear on this 2014 Rock Classics Deluxe Clear Vinyl Edition.

Considered the finest of this era by many fans, ‘Choose Your Masques’ features excellent material such as: ‘Arrival In Utopia’, ‘Solitary Mind Games’, ‘Waiting For Tomorrow’, ‘Dream Worker’ and the title track.
The album was a Top 30 success upon its release and spawned a memorable tour on which original member Nik Turner re-joined the band. The full musician line-up for ‘Choose Your Masques’ was: Harvey Bainbridge (vocals / bass / keyboards / synths), Dave Brock (vocals / synthesizers / guitar / keyboards), Martin Griffin (drums) and Huw Lloyd-Langton (lead guitar / vocals), with guests including: Pascoe Brock / Ian Holm, and of course the return of Nik Turner (sax & vocals).

‘Choose Your Masques’ featured what was at the time a stripped-down main line-up of HAWKWIND. It was an album that, by virtue of the almost electronic sounding drumming sounds, actually came over as remarkably contemporary. The ten-minute opener is a classic slice of HAWKWIND with a first half of driving space-rock and a second half of classic space music with synthesizers, deep bass, samples and an atmosphere that could only be one band. Elsewhere you get two newly recorded versions of the classic ‘Silver Machine’ single, plus a new recording of the ‘Psychedelic Warlords’ track, originally taken from the ‘Hall Of The Mountain Grill’ album, and a set of strongly sci-fi oriented songs and instrumentals that all go to make up one of the best, yet most underrated of the band’s career.

This expanded Remastered re-issue of ‘Choose Your Masques’ with all it’s Bonus Material, Gatefold Sleeve and Clear Pressing must surely make it the Definitive Vinyl Edition and an essential part of any HAWK-fan’s collection!

‘Choose Your Masques’ is also available as a Remastered Double CD with 14 Bonus Tracks – Stock # 1366708
‘Choose Your Masques’ is also available to order as a Japanese Remastered HQ Double CD in a Vinyl Replica Card Sleeve with Bonus Tracks – Stock # 1542065


LP 1 – Side A [Original Album Remastered]:
01. Choose Your Masks (5:28)
02. Dream Worker (5:00)
03. Arrival In Utopia (5:45)
04. Utopia (3:00)
05. Silver Machine (4:21)

LP 1 – Side B [Original Album Remastered & Bonus Track]:
01. Void City (6:47)
02. Solitary Mind Games (3:56)
03. Farenheit 451 (4:43)
04. The Scan (1:04)
05. Waiting For Tomorrow (3:50)
06. Psychedelic Warlords [B-side of single - non-vari-speed mix] (5:02) * Bonus Track *

LP 2 – Side A [Alternate Versions]:
01. Void City [alternate mix] (6:38) * Bonus Track *
02. Candle Burning (2:48) * Bonus Track *
03. 5/4 (3:21) * Bonus Track *
04. Waiting For Tomorrow [alternate mix] (3:43) * Bonus Track *
05. Radio Telepathy (5:44) * Bonus Track *
06. Lato (2:34) * Bonus Track *

LP 2 – Side B [Single Mixes, Alternate & Extended Versions]:
01. Dream Worker [extended version] (5:34) * Bonus Track *
02. Oscillations (3:04) * Bonus Track *
03. Recent Reports (5:49) * Bonus Track *
04. Lato Percussive Electro {Earthed To The Ground} (3:45) * Bonus Track *
05. Solitary Mind Games [alternate version] (5:06) * Bonus Track *
06. Silver Machine [single version] (2:58) * Bonus Track *