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Remastered in year 2000, Nick Drake’s classic 1969 debut album for Island Records now comes at a nice price and in a smart Digi-Pak!

If you have never bought a Nick Drake record before, ‘Five Leaves Left’ and its follow-up: ‘Bryter Layter’ are the ones to start off with – I can honestly say you should prepare to be amazed!

Nick Drake died in 1974, and when you hear this and the other albums he left behind, you understand just what a huge loss to music he was.
Back in the late 60’s / early 70’s his records never quite got the attention they deserved, but now it’s an entirely different story. The passing years have brought thousands of new fans to Nick Drake’s music, some discovering him via the efforts of certain DJ’s who knew the real worth of this man’s wonderful music, others by word of mouth and in more recent years he went viral though the internet, and now, as more and more people get into his ethereal and captivating albums, the Nick Drake fan-base has grown out of all recognition!
If Nick was around today, I’m certain he would be astounded at all the reaction to his music, and there is no doubt in my mind he would have become a massive figure in contemporary music!

So, how does this – a near 45 year-old album – sound in 2012?
‘Five Leaves Left’ is a beautifully recorded album and it does transfer particularly well to CD.
The gentle, relaxed, lazy, hazy feel of the songs are magically atmospheric. The minimal production and occasional added string arrangements all comes over beautifully – as they did (and still do) on vinyl – only adding to the spell that Drake’s music casts over the listener.
The overall production has a clear and open sound, with Nick’s fantastic voice and the instruments all clearly focussed over the soundstage.
‘Five Leaves Left’ is and always will be, an amazing record, and it deserves to be heard by all music fans, because this really is a classic album in every sense!

If this is your first purchase of a Nick Drake album, you are about to make a fantastic discovery!

‘Five Leaves Left’ is also available as part of a 5CD Card Sleeved Boxed Set – Stock # 1657459
‘Five Leaves Left’ is also available as a standard 180gm Vinyl LP - Stock # 1658114
‘Five Leaves Left’ is also available as a Super Deluxe Vinyl LP Box - Stock # 1658113


01. Time Has Told Me
02. River Man
03. Three Hours
04. Way To Blue
05. Day Is Done
06. Cello Song
07. Thoughts Of Mary Jane
08. Man In A Shed
09. Fruit Tree
10. Saturday Sun