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Ultra Limited 13 Disc Deluxe Boxed Set containing authentic CD replicas of the 12 studio LP records released in America during the period of Beatlemania, PLUS an bonus ‘Beatles Story’ Disc!

‘US Albums’ marks the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the BEATLES’ legendary first trip to the USA. Just after their arrival in the US in early February 1964, the band performed on the Ed Sullivan show and US teenagers from coast to coast caught a huge dose of Beatlemania! The rest they say, is history!

This Ultra Limited Edition Boxed Set contains 13 Discs, each album in a reproduction of the Original Vinyl Packaging with Outer PVC Cover. Also included is a 64-Page Booklet, which includes a new essay examining the U.S. albums and their historical significance, written by American author and television executive Bill Flanagan.

PLEASE NOTE: To get an idea of the mastering sources, you should read the following Capitol Records Press Release with care…

These albums were originally issued between 1964 and 1970 by Capitol Records, Apple Records, and United Artists in the United States, and these new releases seek to replicate the unique listening experience heard by Americans at the time by preserving the sequences, timings, and artwork found on the albums. Capitol’s engineers in the 1960’s took great care to produce what they believed to be the best possible sound for the playback equipment in use at that time.

Due to the limitations of the record players of the day, engineers often compressed the sound by raising the volume of the softer passages and lowering the volume for the louder parts of the songs. They also reduced the bass frequencies since too much bass could cause the record to skip. In some cases, reverb was added to the tracks to make them sound more 'American'.

In the 1960’s, albums were commonly released in both Mono and Stereo formats. If no Stereo Mix was available for a particular song, Capitol followed the industry practice of the day by creating a Simulated Stereo Mix. This was accomplished by running the Mono signal through two channels, boosting the bass in one channel, tweaking the treble in the other channel and then running the channels slightly out of sync and in some cases adding reverb. These were often called 'duophonic' mixes. In some cases 'duophonic' mixes were created even when actual stereo mixes were or would soon be available in the U.K.
This was most likely due to production timelines and the availability of the original analogue tapes.
Five BEATLES albums were released by Capitol in 1964 alone!

For some mono songs Capitol’s engineers created fold-down mixes from the stereo mixes by blending the two discrete stereo channels into one mono master, believing that doing so would add more punch to the sound. It is also conceivable that they created fold-down mixes because a stereo master was all they had on hand. These so-called ‘Type B Mono’ mixes were used for some of Capitol’s early BEATLES albums, including many of the tracks found on ‘Meet The Beatles!’, ‘The Beatles’ Second Album’, ‘Early Beatles’ and the ‘Help!’ soundtrack. Many of the songs used on the original U.S. albums were made from 2nd, 3rd and even 4th-generation tapes!

The company says that in preparing the albums for reissue, they decided not to remaster from the original Capitol master tapes.
While doing so would have been the easiest way to go, it would not have created the best possible listening experience. In an effort to preserve the original intentions of the band and the producers, the masters used are, in most cases, the same as the stereo and mono remasters released in 2009 as part of the Parlophone/Apple core catalogue, all approved by George Martin and the BEATLES.
All of the ‘duophonic’ mixes have been replaced with the approved stereo mixes, when available, and some mono mixes in the few instances where no true stereo mix exists.

Great care was taken to preserve the specific mixes and edits that make these U.S. albums unique, the company said. “These tracks, originally sent to the U.S. by George Martin, have been remastered from the original 1960’s U.S. master analogue tapes. They have been combined with the U.K. approved masters to reproduce the same sequence, order, and levels as presented on the U.S. BEATLES albums. The original U.S. albums were used as models and set the overall direction for the process.”

Part of the contents of this box are also available as individual CD releases…

‘Beatles ‘65’ - Stock # 1660708
‘Beatles VI’ - Stock # 1660711
‘Early Beatles’ - Stock # 1660710
‘Hard Day's Night’ [OST] - Stock # 1660703
‘Help!’ [OST] - Stock # 1660714
‘Hey Jude’ - Stock # 1660718
‘Meet The Beatles’ - Stock # 1660702
‘Revolver’ - Stock # 1660717
‘Rubber Soul’ - Stock # 1660715
‘Second Album’ - Stock # 1660695
‘Something New’ - Stock # 1660705
‘Yesterday & Today’ - Stock # 1668152

‘US Albums’ is released on 27th January 2014.

BEATLES: US ALBUMS 13-Disc Boxed Set Track List:

Disc 1: ‘Meet The Beatles’ [Mono Mix & Stereo Mix - Original Release: 20/01/1964]:
01. I Want To Hold Your Hand [mono mix]
02. I Saw Her Standing There [mono mix]
03. This Boy [mono mix]
04. It Won't Be Long [mono mix]
05. All I've Got to Do [mono mix]
06. All My Loving [mono mix]
07. Don't Bother Me [mono mix]
08. Little Child [mono mix]
09. Till There Was You [mono mix]
10. Hold Me Tight [mono mix]
11. I Wanna Be Your Man [mono mix]
12. Not a Second Time [mono mix]
13. I Want To Hold Your Hand
14. I Saw Her Standing There
15. This Boy
16. It Won't Be Long
17. All I've Got To Do
18. All My Loving
19. Don't Bother Me
20. Little Child
21. ‘Till There Was You
22. Hold Me Tight
23. I Wanna Be Your Man
24. Not A Second Time

Disc 2: ‘Beatles’ Second Album’ [Mono Mix & Stereo Mix - Original Release: 10/04/1964]:
01. Roll Over Beethoven [mono mix]
02. Thank You Girl [mono mix]
03. You Really Got A Hold On Me [mono mix]
04. Devil In Her Heart [mono mix]
05. Money [mono mix]
06. You Can't Do That [mono mix]
07. Long Tall Sally [mono mix]
08. I Call Your Name [mono mix]
09. Please Mister Postman [mono mix]
10. I'll Get You [mono mix]
11. She Loves You [mono mix]
12. Roll Over Beethoven
13. Thank You Girl
14. You Really Got A Hold On Me
15. Devil In Her Heart
16. Money {That's What I Want}
17. You Can't Do That
18. Long Tall Sally
19. I Call Your Name
20. Please Mister Postman
21. I'll Get You
22. She Loves You

Disc 3: ‘A Hard Day's Night’ (OST) [Mono Mix & Stereo Mix - Original Release: 26/06/1964]:
01. A Hard Day's Night [mono mix]
02. I Should Have Known Better [mono mix]
03. If I Fell [mono mix]
04. I'm Happy Just To Dance With You [mono mix]
05. And I Love Her [mono mix]
06. Tell Me Why [mono mix]
07. Can't Buy Me Love [mono mix]
08. Any Time At All [mono mix]
09. I'll Cry Instead [mono mix]
10. Things We Said Today [mono mix]
11. When I Get Home [mono mix]
12. You Can't Do That [mono mix]
13. I'll Be Back [mono mix]
14. A Hard Day's Night
15. I Should Have Known Better
16. If I Fell
17. I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
18. And I Love Her
19. Tell Me Why
20. Can't Buy Me Love
21. Any Time At All
22. I'll Cry Instead
23. Things We Said Today
24. When I Get Home
25. You Can't Do That
26. I'll Be Back

Disc 4: ‘Something New’ [Mono Mix & Stereo Mix - Original Release: 20/06/1964]:
01. I'll Cry Instead [mono mix]
02. Things We Said Today [mono mix]
03. Any Time At All [mono mix]
04. When I Get Home [mono mix]
05. Slow Down [mono mix]
06. Matchbox [mono mix]
07. Tell Me Why [mono mix]
08. And I Love Her [mono mix]
09. I'm Happy Just To Dance With You [mono mix]
10. If I Fell [mono mix]
11. Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand {I Want To Hold Your Hand} [mono mix]
12. I'll Cry Instead
13. Things We Said Today
14. Any Time At All
15. When I Get Home
16. Slow Down
17. Matchbox
18. Tell Me Why
19. And I Love Her
20. I'm Happy Just to Dance With You
21. If I Fell
22. Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand {I Want To Hold Your Hand}

Disc 5: ‘Beatles Story’ [Original Release: 23/11/1964]:
01. On The Stage With The Beatles
02. How Beatlemania Began
03. Beatlemania In Action
04. Man Behind The Beatles - Brian Epstein
05. John Lennon
06. Who's A Millionaire?
07. Beatles Will Be Beatles
08. Man Behind The Music - George Martin
09. George Harrison
10. A Hard Day's Night - Their First Movie
11. Paul Mccartney
12. Sneaky Haircuts & More About Paul
13. The Beatles Look At Life
14. "Victims" Of Beatlemania
15. Beatle Medley
16. Ringo Starr
17. Liverpool And All The World!

Disc 6: ‘Beatles '65’ [Mono Mix & Stereo Mix - Original Release: 15/12/1964]:
01. No Reply [mono mix]
02. I'm A Loser [mono mix]
03. Baby's In Black [mono mix]
04. Rock & Roll Music [mono mix]
05. I'll Follow The Sun [mono mix]
06. Mr. Moonlight [mono mix]
07. Honey Don't [mono mix]
08. I'll Be Back [mono mix]
09. She's A Woman [mono mix]
10. I Feel Fine [mono mix]
11. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby [mono mix]
12. No Reply
13. I'm A Loser
14. Baby's In Black
15. Rock & Roll Music
16. I'll Follow The Sun
17. Mr. Moonlight
18. Honey Don't
19. I'll Be Back
20. She's A Woman
21. I Feel Fine
22. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby

Disc 7: ‘Early Beatles’ [Mono Mix & Stereo Mix - Original Release: 22/03/1964]:
01. Love Me Do [mono mix]
02. Twist And Shout [mono mix]
03. Anna [mono mix]
04. Chains [mono mix]
05. Boys [mono mix]
06. Ask Me Why [mono mix]
07. Please Please Me [mono mix]
08. P.S. I Love You [mono mix]
09. Baby It's You [mono mix]
10. A Taste Of Honey [mono mix]
11. Do You Want To Know A Secret [mono mix]
12. Love Me Do
13. Twist & Shout
14. Anna
15. Chains
16. Boys
17. Ask Me Why
18. Please Please Me
19. P.S. I Love You
20. Baby It's You
21. A Taste Of Honey
22. Do You Want To Know A Secret

Disc 8: ‘Beatles VI’ [Mono Mix & Stereo Mix - Original Release: 14/06/1965]:
01. Kansas City [mono mix]
02. Eight Days A Week [mono mix]
03. You Like Me Too Much [mono mix]
04. Bad Boy [mono mix]
05. I Don't Want To Spoil The Party [mono mix]
06. Words Of Love [mono mix]
07. What You're Doing [mono mix]
08. Yes It Is [mono mix]
09. Dizzy Miss Lizzie [mono mix]
10. Tell Me What You See [mono mix]
11. Every Little Thing [mono mix]
12. Kansas City
13. Eight Days A Week
14. You Like Me Too Much
15. Bad Boy
16. I Don't Want To Spoil The Party
17. Words Of Love
18. What You're Doing
19. Yes It Is
20. Dizzy Miss Lizzie
21. Tell Me What You See
22. Every Little Thing

Disc 9: ‘Help!’ (OST) [Mono Mix & Stereo Mix - Original Release: 13/08/1965]:
01. Help! [mono mix]
02. The Night Before [mono mix]
03. From Me To You Fantasy (instrumental) [mono mix]
04. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away [mono mix]
05. I Need You [mono mix]
06. In The Tyrol (instrumental) [mono mix]
07. Another Girl [mono mix]
08. Another Hard Day's Night (instrumental) [mono mix]
09. Ticket To Ride [mono mix]
10. The Bitter End / You Can't Do That (instrumental) [mono mix]
11. You're Going To Lose That Girl [mono mix]
12. Help!
13. The Night Before
14. From Me To You Fantasy (instrumental)
15. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
16. I Need You
17. In The Tyrol (instrumental)
18. Another Girl
19. Another Hard Day's Night (instrumental)
20. Ticket To Ride
21. The Bitter End / You Can' Do That (instrumental)
22. You're Going To Lose That Girl
23. The Chase (instrumental)

Disc 10: ‘Rubber Soul’ [Mono Mix & Stereo Mix - Original Release: 06/12/1965]:
01. I've Just Seen A Face [mono mix]
02. Norwegian Wood [mono mix]
03. You Won't See Me [mono mix]
04. Think For Yourself [mono mix]
05. The Word [mono mix]
06. Michelle [mono mix]
07. It's Only Love [mono mix]
08. Girl [mono mix]
09. I'm Looking Through You [mono mix]
10. In My Life [mono mix]
11. Wait [mono mix]
12. Run For Your Life [mono mix]
13. I've Just Seen A Face
14. Norwegian Wood
15. You Won't See Me
16. Think For Yourself
17. The Word
18. Michelle
19. It's Only Love
20. Girl
21. I'm Looking Through You
22. In My Life
23. Wait
24. Run For Your Life

Disc 11: ‘Yesterday & Today’ [Mono Mix & Stereo Mix - Original Release: 20/06/1966]:
01. Drive My Car [mono mix]
02. I'm Only Sleeping [mono mix]
03. Nowhere Man [mono mix]
04. Dr. Robert [mono mix]
05. Yesterday [mono mix]
06. Act Naturally [mono mix]
07. And Your Bird Can Sing [mono mix]
08. If I Needed Someone [mono mix]
09. We Can Work It Out [mono mix]
10. What Goes On? [mono mix]
11. Day Tripper [mono mix]
12. Drive My Car
13. I'm Only Sleeping
14. Nowhere Man
15. Dr. Robert
16. Yesterday
17. Act Naturally
18. And Your Bird Can Sing
19. If I Needed Someone
20. We Can Work It Out
21. What Goes On?
22. Day Tripper

Disc 12: ‘Revolver’ [Mono Mix & Stereo Mix - Original Release: 08/06/1966]:
01. Taxman [mono mix]
02. Eleanor Rigby [mono mix]
03. Love You To [mono mix]
04. Here, There & Everywhere [mono mix]
05. Yellow Submarine [mono mix]
06. She Said She Said [mono mix]
07. Good Day Sunshine [mono mix]
08. For No One [mono mix]
09. I Want To Tell You [mono mix]
10. Got To Get You Into My Life [mono mix]
11. Tomorrow Never Knows [mono mix]
12. Taxman
13. Eleanor Rigby
14. Love You To
15. Here, There & Everywhere
16. Yellow Submarine
17. She Said She Said
18. Good Day Sunshine
19. For No One
20. I Want To Tell You
21. Got To Get You Into My Life
22. Tomorrow Never Knows

Disc 13: ‘Hey Jude’ [Original Release: 26/02/1970]:
01. Can't Buy Me Love
02. I Should Have Known Better
03. Paperback Writer
04. Rain
05. Lady Madonna
06. Revolution
07. Hey Jude
08. Old Brown Shoe
09. Don't Let Me Down
10. Ballad Of John & Yoko