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Symphonic Prog Psych album originally released in 1975 on Virgin Records and the 1st to use this artist name, but it’s commonly regarded as their 3rd album!

Following the success of ‘Clearlight Symphony’, DELIRED CAMELEON FAMILY changed their name to CLEARLIGHT and returned to Manor Studios in England to record a second album for Virgin.
It covers many contrasting genres including Psychedelic, New Age, Folk, Rock and Jazz Fusion jamming, with a closing track of abstract Electronic Music experimentation.
Only two tracks have vocals, and these are sung in French.

Remastered with three tracks not on the original album, so first thing to do is check the three new tracks – are they from the same period or what? Well, yes they are!
The first one at nearly eight minutes long is THE track that makes a good album great.
Just Christian Boule’s outstanding electric guitar layers, all very early Hillage, with ex-LARD FREE drummer Gilbert Artman and the main man Cyrille Verdeaux’s synthesizers, the trio producing a piece that was recorded at the same sessions yet bizarrely missed off the original album as it was judged to be too long – bizarre, especially when you consider that the original album only lasted thirty-three minutes!
Anyway, it is the missing link between the ‘Clearlight Symphony’ album and this one, a superb piece! The 2nd of the extra tracks is a remix of: ‘Without Words’, one of the best tracks off the original album, redone to bring out the synthesizers and Mellotrons that were buried more than they were intended to be in the original mix, and it sounds just great, with some searing electric guitar work just taking right back to the whole feel and sound of the seventies.
Finally, there’s a remix of: ‘Flute Aquatique’, a short piece that highlights the flute work of Francois Jeanneau. So, that’s the bonus tracks - all excellent - and now to the original album… Better than you remembered is probably the phrase most appropriate – after the debut, I think its group-derived line-up, combination of short and long tracks and overall length, disappointed some, but now in hindsight, musically it’s an obvious step ahead from the first. The trademark keyboards, synths and electric guitars are present, with extra textures from heavenly female voices on odd occasions, ex-KING CRIMSON musician David Cross guesting on violin, and Jeanneau’s excellent flute work as particularly fine examples. So, on the whole, better than ever and THE definitive version, so an opportune time finally to experience its delights, especially if you enjoyed the ‘Clearlight Symphony’ album.

Full musician line-up: Bob Boisadan (keyboards / synths), Jean-Claude D’Agostini (guitars / flute), Joel Dugrenot (lead vocals / bass), François Jeanneau (bubbles synthesizers / flute / soprano sax), Christos Stapinopoulos (drums / congas), Cyrille Verdeaux (keyboards / gongs / congas / synthesizers / Mellotron / glockenspiel), Amanda & Ann (celestial choir), Gilbert Artman (drums / percussion / vibraphone / maracas), Christian Boulé (cosmic guitar), David Cross (violins), Brigitte Roy (vocals on track 6), Bruno Verdeaux (synthesizer / aquatic congas).

Following the release of the album, CLEARLIGHT embarked on a UK tour supporting GONG, with an altered line-up comprising Verdeaux, Dugrenot, Jeanneau, D'Agostini, and new members Coco Roussel (ex HELDON and later in HAPPY THE MAN - drums), Jorge Pinchevsky (later in GONG - violin) and Francis Mandin (synthesizers).

‘Forever Blowing Bubbles’ is released on 7th April 2014.

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01. Chanson (4:45)
02. Without Words (7:40)
03. Way (8:15)
04. Ergotrip (6:24)
05. Et Pendant Ce Temps La (4:42)
06. Narcisse Et Goldmund (2:39)
07. Jungle Bubbles (2:42)
08. Sweet Absinthe (7:48) * Bonus Track *
09. Without Words [Mellotron remix] (7:43) * Bonus Track *
10. Flute Aquatique (2:45) * Bonus Track *

TPT – 55:23