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Product Format: CD               

Price: £9.99 (exc) £11.99 (inc)


Re-Mixed & Remastered re-issue of a monumental, head-bending instrumental Psych / Space / Prog-Rock album in new Digi-Pak sleeve with revised artwork!

Back in days of yore, CDS was just about the only place in the country where you could get the outstanding debut album from an unheard band on a tiny record label operating out of Ipswich.
The album has been out of print for a few years now, so it is with great pleasure that we can announce that the REMIXED and REMASTERED version of THE FUTURE KINGS OF ENGLAND’s first album is to be re-released in June, and it comes with Revised Artwork and a new Digi-Pak sleeve!

Here’s our original review for this amazing album…

The disc you always wanted, but thought would never come! …
Debut album from one of the UK’s best-kept Prog-Psych-Space Rock secrets – but not to CDS Towers and their customers, who already hold them in high esteem!!!
The band and their management described this, their debut album, as “a sprawling post-space-rocking epic. Engaging megalithic soundscapes that will make you open your windows wide as the soothing sonic blizzard drifts towards the heavens. It is a breathing, dense, incredible musical experience.”
Yes, it is all that for sure, and this is our take on it…
It’s 100% instrumental – it’s different, it’s absolutely HUGE sounding – it’s Prog-rock, it’s Space-rock, it’s Psychedelic-rock, its melodic, it’s atmospheric, it’s structured and it has echoes of Kraut-rock – jeez, it has all those things and more – It’s just totally awesome!!
It’s like a collision between PINK FLOYD, KING BLACK ACID, DJAM KARET, early GONG (without sax & flute), with some early KING CRIMSON in for the drum sound and Mellotron usage, and maybe even a touch of YES for bass and intensity.
Even though some of the 9 tracks are recorded as individual pieces, the way the music flows makes you think of the album as a veritable elongated guitar symphony – for most of the lead work is done on guitars, BUT, it is riddled with the sound of the Mellotron and the two combined really brings the work’s symphonic edge to the fore.
Now at this point we should tell you that this band is a trio – Ian Fitch (guitars, effects & xylophone), Karl Mallett (bass and effects) and Simon Green (drums & percussion), plus producer Steve Mann guesting on keyboards.
OK, so it sounds like there’s about ten musicians playing here – and that’s a good thing, but armed with huge Mellotron sounds, the HAWKWIND (a band they recently toured with) sound of space synth swooshes that are more like the legendary audio generators than synths, and a production that is out of this world, the four musicians make a form of music that cannot be pigeon-holed, but it’s music you will savour for a long time to come, each new play revealing something more of the magical dark “other world” in which it resides.
Over backdrop layers of haunting keyboards, the pounding electric bass thunders away as the drummer plays it solid, direct, dynamic and driving, but above all this is this stunning array of guitar sounds that are just out of this world! Sometimes, there’s the sound of a single chiming guitar with lilting bass, drifting Mellotrons and heaven opens up before you - Other times there is a vast symphony of sound with this awesome tidal wave of guitars and effects that takes off and bypasses heaven entirely and takes you off to an altogether new dimension. But through it all, there’s structure - the sound of musicians who didn’t just throw this together, but thought long and hard about what they wanted to produce. There’s heady psychedelia in here too – just listen to the sound of everything phased and fuzzed when the flow of guitars and effects, underpinned by the rhythm section, starts to fly on one particular track. However, its undoubted appeal lies in the fact that, intense as it often is, pumping through its veins like blood in a marathon runner’s body is melody – so you just KNOW that there’s a human touch at the heart of this hurricane.
A lot of the music is quite loud and dense – most of it is inspirational – the bits that aren’t, are quiet and dreamy, preparing you for the next musical whirlwind that inevitably takes everything in its path, the listener included. There’s no better example of this than the last long track: ‘Pigwhistle’, where that album heads to it’s end in a cloud of gorgeous layers of singing guitars and heavenly keyboards, with an engine of rolling drums and pounding bass driving the sounds high into the sky.
Musically speaking, FUTURE KINGS OF ENGLAND have broken much in the way of new ground in the stakes of symphonic rock - It has no bearing whatsoever on anything orchestral, overtly seventies or straight forward categorisation – No, it transcends all of these to become a monumental instrumental work of head-bending proportions - the album you wanted but thought would never come!


Track List:
01. At Long Last… (1:01)
02. 10:66 (7:46)
03. Humber Doucy Lane (8:55)
04. Silent And Invisible Converts (7:30)
05. October Moth (3:49)
06. Lilly Lockwood (8:18)
07. March Of The Mad Clowns (3:35)
08. Pigwhistle (14:00)
09. God Save The King (0.48).

TPT 55:45