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Product Format: 2L1C               

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Stunning new album by Swedish Prog band that first brought us the talents of Roine Stolt now of the AGENTS OF MERCY, FLOWER KINGS & TRANSATLANTIC!

Roine Stolt is no longer working with the band (can’t spread himself any further than the 3 current bands!), but fellow FLOWER KING Jonas Reingold (also KARMAKANIC - electric basses) is still in the current line-up alongside: Hans Lundin (keyboards / vocals), Per Nilsson (SCAR SYMMETRY - electric & acoustic guitars), Morgan Ågren (drums), Patrik Lundström (RITUAL - vocals) and Aleena Gibson (vocals), with guests: Fredrik Lindqvist (RITUAL / SALVA - recorders & whistles) and Elin Rubinsztein (violin).

For those unfamiliar with the band, the KAIPA sound is a unique mix of Pure Prog, Rock and Fusion, with elements of Swedish Folk and a tinge of the Medieval thrown in here and there, and it has given the band a special place in the hearts of many music fans all around the world! The magical sense of wonder that characterizes their most recent albums has been taken to a whole new level with ‘Sattyg’. Unpredictable paths are discovered on this new expedition and as always they take you to explore new exciting horizons, but at the same time the band returns to its roots to bring you familiar classic KAIPA music.

The CDS Towers conclusion…
WOW!!! I was amazed when I fist played this album (start to finish) because it was so much more than even I was expecting! The more complex “Proggy” arrangements are very like classic YES, if fact this is how I’d imagine many fans thought the new YES album should have sounded!! There are strong elements of BRAND X and other similar sounding acts in the fusion/jazz-rock passages - and the guitar work… well phew, that really is something else - This guy really knows how to make it talk! While the guitar work does tend to take most of the leads and solos, with the keyboards left to provide a solid foundation for the fretwork, but they too get their moments to shine when the need arises.
The male / female vocals are also first rate and often in the same place as Jon Anderson would be in YES music!
There are still a few little diverse “folky” tuneful breaks that provide breathing space between the more intense, but equally melodic rock passages, but on the whole this album is Prog to make you rock and it’s full-on from start to finish, with each of the brilliantly composed seven tracks played with huge depths of skill and imagination.
The production is superb, but there’s loads to take in, so while one play was enough to deliver the “WOW” factor for me, I just know there is so much more to explore and discover in the many future airings I’m going to give this incredible record! Definitely one of the best this year!

‘Sattyg’ is also available as a Deluxe CD Digi-Pak – Stock # 1728724

‘Sattyg’ is released on 10th November 2014.


LP 1 – Side A:
01. Map Of Your Secret World (15:02)

LP 1 – Side B:
01. World Of The Void (7:49)
02. Screwed-upness (13:06)

LP 2 – Side A:
01. Sattyg (3:13)
02. Sky Full Of Painters (14:42)

LP 2 – Side B:
01. Unique When We Fall (5:17)
02. Without Time – Beyond Time (9:49)

TPT – 68:58

CD [PVC Wallet]:
01. Map Of Your Secret World (15:02)
02. World Of The Void (7:49)
03. Screwed-upness (13:06)
04. Sattyg (3:13)
05. Sky Full Of Painters (14:42)
06. Unique When We Fall (5:17)
07. Without Time – Beyond Time (9:49)

TPT – 68:58