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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

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CD edition of monumental 2014 album from the Instrumental, Electronic, Progressive, Experimental Kraut, Psychedelic Rock band to end them all!

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ELECTRIC ORANGE is a HUGE band at CDS Towers and when you hear this album, you will understand why!

If you are into (mainly) instrumental based structured/improvised music that in it’s scope takes in genres from Psychedelic to Electronic, Progressive to Kraut-Rock, then there will be something “fruitful” in the music of ELECTRIC ORANGE for you!

For those that know and love them already, we have the new album for you, but for those who have yet to sample the heady delights of this band - who are ELECTRIC ORANGE?

ELECTRIC ORANGE was founded in 1992 by Dirk Jan Müller. The music was dedicated to Psychedelic and Kraut-Rock and was always composed during recording, first with guest-musicians, and then later, from 1994 onwards, together with Dirk Bittner.
Their music is often session-based, spontaneous and constructed at the same time. Since 1994 ELECTRIC ORANGE always produced in their own studio, which gave them the freedom to work on their music whenever and for however long they wanted. Their equipment consists of both old gear from the 70’s and new recording technology - Hammond & Farfisa organs / Mellotron / analogue & digital synthesizers / Fender Rhodes / guitars / bass / drums / percussion / flute.
This all forms the unique character of their style that ranges from fantastic flowing free-form grooves, to spacey atmospherics and abstract sound architectures that are often mind-blowing!

Since 1993 there were releases on labels like Manikin Records (Berlin) and Delerium Records (UK), as well as tracks on various compilations. MPL (Cateweezle) released their CD ‘Abgelaufen!’ in 2001 and the 2003 Vinyl-release: ‘Platte’. ‘Fleischwerk’ came along in 2005, again on vinyl only.
Sulatron Records produced CD-reissues of: ‘Platte’ and the cult CD album: ‘Morbus’ in 2007, followed in 2008 by a CD re-issue of their 2005 album: ‘Fleischwerk’ with 4 Bonus Tracks, which doubled the playing time of the original album! Sadly, these are all now deleted.
Live-appearances were very rare in the 90’s. But since 2003 ELECTRIC ORANGE got a stable line-up and had gigs with MAN, Harvey Bainbridge (ex-HAWKWIND) and BIRTH CONTROL. They played the Swamp-Room-Happening in Hanover and headlining the south German FreakWeekNoEnd-festival in 2006. In 2007 they played on Friday night at the legendary Burg Herzberg open-air festival, at Psychedelic Network Festival Würzburg, Fuldaer Krautrocknacht and at the Zappanale in 2008 etc.

Earlier in 2014 CDS Towers had a best selling album of pure retro analogue “Berlin School” style synth music from bandleader Dirk Jan Müller. Entitled ‘Cosmic Ground’ it appealed directly to fans of early 70’s TANGERINE DREAM with it’s extended dark, ethereal and rhythmic electronic soundscapes.

‘Electric Orange-Electric Orange’ is also available as a Double 180gm Vinyl LP – Stock # 1730452

Also available from this label:

COSMIC GROUND: COSMIC GROUND (2014 Electronic Music album from ELECTRIC ORANGE keyboards Player) – Stock # 1692510


01. Paraboiled (7:42)
02. Slowbind (6:00)
03. Symptom Of The Moony Nurse (5:12)
04. Suite Beef (13:54)
05. A Tuna Sunrise (6:40)
06. Behind The Wall Of Sheep (20:25)
07. Seven And Smell (4:08)
08. Worn Utopia (15:19)

TPT – 79:20