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Product Format: 2LP               

Price: Normally £21.99 Currently £15.83 (exc) £18.99 (inc)


2014 Deluxe 2LP Edition of 1997 album from All Saints catalogue of former ROXY MUSIC keyboardist and pioneering Electronic / Ambient music composer!

Brian Eno first became famous as the Synthesizer player from the amazing 70’s band ROXY MUSIC. He quickly went on to become an Electronic Composer/Musician in his own right, recording a string of successful solo albums before turning his hand to what was to be the much sought after production skills that led him to the dizzy heights of working on iconic albums with world leading artists and bands such as David Bowie and U2!

This is a reissue of 1997 album ‘The Drop’. Described by Eno as an interpretation of jazz from a vague, alien
perspective, ‘The Drop’ also integrates his interests in the melodic yet percussive bass-lines of Fela Kuti and the complex, labyrinthine melodies of the MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA.
Ever the provocateur, on this record Eno defies classification, avoiding association with pop, existent sonic approaches and even music itself!

This Gatefold Vinyl Edition is the First Time the album has appeared on the Vinyl LP format. This includes 2 Tracks not on the CD Edition (‘Slicing System’ and ‘Sharply Cornered’) and a unique vinyl edit of the track: ‘Iced World’. The LP’s come in Printed Inners containing Eno writing and images from the period, plus a Download Card offering access to the full audio content of the release.

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‘Drop’ is released on 1st December 2014


LP 1 – Side A:
01. Slip, Dip (2:18)
02. But If (1:48)
03. Belgian Drop (1:56)
04. Cornered (2:02)
05. Block Drop (2:50)

LP 1 – Side B:
01. Out/Out (1:51)
02. Swanky (2:50)
03. Coasters (2:55)
04. Blissed (2:53)
05. M.C. Organ (2:54)

LP 2 – Side A:
01. Boomcubist (2:07)
02. Hazard (2:15)
03. Rayonism (2:55)
04. Dutch Blur (3:02)
05. Back Clack (3:19)

LP 2 – Side B:
01. Dear World (3:16)
02. Slicing System [exclusive vinyl only Bonus Track]
03. Sharply Cornered [exclusive vinyl only Bonus Track]
04. Iced World [exclusive vinyl only Edit]