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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

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Newly Remastered Expanded Edition of the classic, but short-lived 1969 debut Polydor album by this legendary Progressive Rock group with Jazz influences!

Along with GENESIS and VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR, AUDIENCE were one of the key bands on the roster of the Famous Charisma Label in the early 1970’s.

Prior to signing to Charisma, the band recorded this, their self-titled debut album, on a production deal that appeared on the Polydor Label in the late Spring of 1969 for a matter of months before being withdrawn.

Comprising Howard Werth (vocals / electric nylon string guitar), Keith Gemmell (saxophone / clarinet / recorder, flute), Trevor Williams (bass / vocals) and Tony Connor (drums / percussion / vibes), AUDIENCE had a fanatical following, particularly on the continent, where their jazz-influenced brand of Progressive Rock proved to be very popular (earning the band Top Ten status in Italy).

This Reissue includes 3 Bonus Tracks and has been Remastered from the Original Master Tapes. It features a booklet with Restored Artwork and an Essay by Sid Smith with an exclusive interview from Howard Werth.

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‘Audience’ is released on 29th June 2015.


01. Banquet
02. Poet
03. Waverley Stage Coach
04. River Boat Queen
05. Harlequin
06. Heaven Was An Island
07. Too Late I’m Gone
08. Maiden’s Cry
09. Pleasant Convalescence
10. Leave It Unsaid
11. Man On Box
12. House On The Hill
13. Paper Round * Bonus Track *
14. The Going Song * Bonus Track *
15. Troubles * Bonus Track *