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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: £8.33 (exc) £9.99 (inc)


Part 1 in a trilogy of planned new AP albums, this is his 1st major release since 2002 and it’s a very welcome return for the enigmatic UK synth maestro!

‘Vanguard 1’ is the album that so many AP fans have been hoping was going to happen for a long, long time, and now it's finally here!!!
The album has been released to us early and will be IN STOCK Wednesday 7th - Thursday 8th October, so if you are not one of the many with a pre-order in already, now's the time to do it!

From the AD Music sales notes… As one of the most popular of the 1990’s UK ‘new wave’ of electronic music exponents, Andy Pickford’s music was characterised by strong rhythms and sequences, and above all, melodies and themes to die for!
To state that this album is a “stunning return” would be a huge understatement – ‘Vanguard 1’ is mind blowing – a selection of 11 dynamic and expertly constructed, interlinked tracks that power into the senses like a juggernaut. Full of ideas and creativity, it’s utterly compelling!
As you’d expect the music is very melodic, with one memorable theme after the other demanding repeat plays. The sequences and rhythms are tight, imaginative and contemporary, yet they don’t lose sight of Andy’s EM roots, even when flirting with the ‘Chill’ and ‘Electronica’ style vocal tracks that permeate this extraordinary album.

‘Vanguard 1’ is beautifully produced and shows a maturity and expertise that will appeal to his existing fans, and is sure to garner praise from the wider Electronica/Chill market.

I have now heard 'Vanguard 1' in full, and my initial impressions are that he certainly has not lost his talent for producing big, aggressive, driving melodies as on 1994’s ‘Maelstrom’, but now fusing these with trance/chill-tinged Ambient textures that were developing on ‘Lughnasad’ in 2003.

‘Vanguard 2’ and ’3’ are already recorded and in the can awaiting planned releases in the near future.

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‘Vanguard-Part 1’ is released on 7th October 2015.


01. Phoenix (7:58)
02. Angel On The Water (6:11)
03. Wish (6:10)
04. Brightstar (5:49)
05. Quest (4:34)
06. Opal (8:50)
07. Gardenia (5:25)
08. Rainwashed (5:06)
09. Decay (6:16)
10. Vapour (9:05)
11. Clear Blue (4:45)

TPT – 70:07