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The first album in 7 years features Steve Hillage’s SYSTEM 7 on one track & Robert Smith (CURE) on another, and it’s their most colourful album to date!

2015 finds founder EAT STATIC member Merv Pepler releasing this brand new Anniversary Double Album, featuring special guest slots from the legendary Robert Smith (THE CURE), Steve Hillage (GONG), Laughing Buddha and a host of other new and established dance artists.

‘Dead Planet’ marks the first new EAT STATIC studio album since 2008, and with a 26 year long history behind them, this, their anniversary album, demonstrates a return to their trade mark 'analogue experimental sound' which they pioneered in the early days of the raves.

‘Dead Planet’ contains two discs: CD1 being more up-tempo and dancey, while CD2 explores alternative experimental down-tempo textures, all with their alien-tinged humour and zest.

As well as getting Steve Hillage’s SYSTEM 7 involved with the opening track, another coup this time was to have Robert Smith from The CURE add his distinctive vocal style to the track: ‘In All Worlds', and that, plus a host of other collaborations all go to make this, their most colourful and 'static sounding' album to date.

As with all static albums, this is impossible to define to any existing genres as Merv always goes out of his way to do the opposite to what everyone else is doing.

Born of the acid house scene in 1989 and continuing to play all the top dance festivals around the world to the present day, plus broadcasting two radio shows a month for Radiozora, EAT STATIC continue to fly the flag for true Psychedelic Electronica… miss this album at your peril!

‘Dead Planet’ is released on 31st July 2015.


CD 1:
01. System Static [Ft. System 7]
02. Parallel World [Ft. Martian Arts]
03. Dragon's Breath
04. In All Worlds [Ft. Robert Smith]
05. Irritant
06. Sea Of Dreams [Ft. Laughing Buddha]
07. Ringlefinch
08. Odious Odium
09. In My Dreams
10. Voodoo Doll [Ft. Chris Rich]

CD 2:
01. Frozen In Time
02. Dead Planet
03. Daemon Song
04. Near Future Myth [Ft. Robert Heijnen]
05. Fistful Of Shekels
06. Sacred Key Of Kalfu
07. Cavok No Sig [Ft. Georgina Brett]
08. Thoraxian [Ft. Mik Singh]
09. Seven Pillars Of Wisdom
10. Where Ghosts Lay [Ft. Elaine Frost]