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Melodies are the gold bar currency of Progressive Rock and there's enough GREAT examples in AKP’s new 2015 studio offering to sink a battleship!

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For many Symphonic Prog fans, KARFAGEN may still an undiscovered gem, but once you delve into this band’s brand of (mainly) instrumental keyboards / guitar driven Prog there will be no turning back, because this is charming music that skilfully interweaves the sounds of classic 70’s (early GENESIS / IQ / CAMEL / ENID styled) rock with elements of the artist’s traditional roots to create a full, all-encompassing sound filled with emotionally charged themes and vibrant passages of wondrously richly textured melodic Symphonic Progressive music that is played in a style of which you are certain to fall head over heels for!

Building on the strength of the fact that for the past few years KARFAGEN CD’s have been taking pride of place in the CD Towers racks, we are extremely happy to announce the arrival of ‘7’ the latest studio album from this unique, brilliant and popular semi instrumental Symphonic Prog talent that is Antony Kalugin!

‘7’ comes with a beautifully designed Digi-Pak that contains a full-colour, typically “Prog” fantasy illustrated 16-Page Booklet with lyrics and other information, to complement the music perfectly and finish off a real value for money album that, if you haven’t got them already, is going to suck you into the amazing musical world of the KARFAGEN back-catalogue the we carry here at CDS Towers.

Over 90% instrumental, the seventh KARFAGEN chapter is a journey into myths and legends, a search for the truth within the figments of the imagination, everything and everywhere. It concerns the mighty luck and inexplicable power of “7”. This is a figure that can impress so highly that it can become an obsession, and completely take over people’s whole lives. WOW, such power. “7”!

Remaining loyal to the gorgeous ethnic sound that is the band’s trademark as ever Kalugin also stays true to his love of early CAMEL, The ENID, FOCUS and the ALAN PARSONS PROJECT, to name just a few.
This is keyboards / guitar driven Prog of the highest order and perfect for those of you who like a lot of extended instrumental workouts that are melodic, dynamic and attention holding, capable of telling fantasy tales by virtue of the quality of the music alone, without being overridden by too much in the way of narrative and vocal passages.
However, where KARFAGEN do feature vocals on this album, they do it well in within the context of the story being told, and provide variation over the album as a whole. From time to time the composer’s traditional roots shine though just enough to add his own spin of this gorgeous brand of Symphonic Progressive Music.

Centred around the epic 28 minute opening monster track: ‘Seven Gates’ this is a journey you must get your ticket for and climb on board for another magical carpet ride from the great man, and long may it continue. “I was safely seated on that ride from the beginning - it was four months of the most exciting exhilarating musical experience I have been lucky enough to be involved in, and that’s saying something with the list of quality albums I have been privileged to be on board with down the years!” Will - Caerllysi Music

Here is a brief history of KARFAGEN…

KARFAGEN is the brainchild of Ukrainian born keyboards player Antony Kalugin. Mainly an instrumental band, they have a unique sound that separates them from most others in the genre.
They show imaginative use of keyboards and guitars with just a hint of new age and jazz-rock in places.
Their influences are quite wide ranging, but you will hear references to bands like: CAMEL, IQ, SAGA, FOCUS, The ENID, the FLOWER KINGS and Anthony Phillips in their music.
KARFAGEN (means Karthago) is a symbol of glory and wisdom and also a never-ending journey into the world of the forgotten past and un-predictable future. The name was first heard in 1997 when Antony Kalugin formed the band at school, but it was while he was studying at the architectural university in 1998 that he began to record their first album with his close friend Sergey Kovalev (accordion and harmonica).
After making several solo albums Kalugin composed and performed on more than forty other albums between 2003 and 2005. These were all released in Russia and the Ukraine. With those projects, Antony gathered the necessary funds to record the first real KARFAGEN album, and in 2005 the band reformed and went into the studio to record: ‘Continium’, an album which led the band to sign with the UNICORN DIGITAL label in Canada. After one other album for that label, Kalugin formed a partnership with Welsh based musician Will Mackie and has since released all the KARFAGEN and related titles on his Caerllysi Music label.

Antony Kalugin's main strength is his delicate keyboard work, and alongside his musical collaborators he offers a tribute to the Symphonic Prog of the past. His impressive portfolio of musical projects threaten to place him as a Ukrainian answer to Steven Wilson - a prolific creative force capable of playing progressive and Prog-influenced music in a vast variety of styles! As well as KARFANEN and his solo projects, he has interests in projects of SUNCHILD, a melodic, song-based Prog band in which he recruited various Ukrainian musicians. He is also an integral contributor to Will Mackie's band HOGGWASH. Despite how important those ongoing projects are to him, KARFAGEN is Kalugin's "flagship" Progressive Rock band, the one he instituted and has been working with ever since deciding to pursue a music career back in 1994.

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‘KARFAGEN 7’ was released on 4th September 2015.

KARFAGEN: 7 Track List:

01. Seven Gates (28:27)
02. Now And Ever (6:37)
03. Hopeless Dreamer (7:36)
04. Alight Again (9:25)
05. Seven Gates [edited version] (15:26) * Bonus Track *

TPT - 67:31