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Product Format: 2C2D               

Price: Normally £25.99 Currently £18.33 (exc) £21.99 (inc)


2016 Double CD and Double DVD Mediabook package containing a full set of Steven Wilson Mixes and Masters with Bonus Material!

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‘Aqualung’ was the first album that Steven Wilson remixed from the TULL catalogue back in 2011, and it was originally released as a 40th Anniversary Edition, only available in a 12” x 12” Package containing 180gram Vinyl and Hardback Book.

It is now being re-released for fans in the format we have become more accustomed to - A 2CD+2DVD set in a Mediabook with an 80-Page Booklet – at a much more accessible price point for fans.

Disc 1 is the 11-Track album mixed and mastered by Steven Wilson. The original 40th Anniversary Edition CD was NOT mastered by Steven and had some critics – therefore this version will be as Steven delivered.
Disc 2 contains additional 1970 & 1971 Recordings Mixed and Mastered by Steven Wilson.
This will also include a flat transfer of the ‘Life Is A Long Song’ EP. Two of the tracks: ‘Life Is A Long Song’ & ‘Up The Pool’ have never been available on CD in this form.

‘Aqualung’ is released on 22nd April 2016.


Disc 1 [CD]:
01. Aqualung
02. Cross-Eyed Mary
03. Cheap Day Return
04. Mother Goose
05. Wond’ring Aloud
06. Up To Me
07. My God
08. Hymn 43
09. Slipstream
10. Locomotive Breath
11. Wind-Up

Disc 2 [CD]:
01. Lick Your Fingers Clean
02. Just Trying To Be
03. My God [early version]
04. Wond’ring Aloud [13th December 1970]
05. Wind-Up [early version]
06. Slipstream [take 2]
07. Up The ‘Pool [early version]
08. Wond’ring Aloud, Again
09. Life Is A Long Song
10. Up The ‘Pool
Original ‘Life Is A Long Song’ EP:
11. Life Is A Long Song
12. Up The ‘Pool
13. Dr. Bogenbroom
14. From Later
15. Nursie
16. Reprise: Radio Advert

Disc 3 [DVD 1 – Audio]:

01. ‘Aqualung’ Album Remixed in 5.1 Surround and presented in DTS 96/24, AC3 Dolby Digital and 96/24 LPCM stereo. It includes associated 1970 & 1971 Recordings. 7 Tracks Remixed in 5.1 Surround and presented in DTS 96/24 and AC3 Dolby Digital, plus all ten Remixed in 96/24 LPCM stereo.

Disc 4 [DVD 2 - Audio & Video]:

01. A flat Transfer from the Original Stereo Master of the album in 96/24 LPCM Stereo. The original 1974 Quad Mix as 4.1 presented in DTS 96/24 and AC3 Dolby Digital surround. A flat transfer from the Original Stereo Master of the EP ‘Life Is A Long Song’ in 96/24 LPCM stereo. The 1971 ‘Life Is A Long Song’ promotional film with New Remixed Stereo Soundtrack.