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Jon Anderson and Roine Stolt have collaborated in 2016 to create an album that really is the nearest thing you will hear to a new YES album in ages!

This CD Edition comes in a beautifully designed Triple Panel Digi-Pak accompanied by a 28-Page Full-Colour Booklet containing Sleeve Notes and Lyrics, with the CD itself sporting a Full-Colour on-body Label Design to match the packaging!

Under the banner of Anderson/Stolt, the former YES vocalist and FLOWER KINGS / TRANSATLANTIC / AGENTS OF MERCY guitarist has teamed up for ‘Invention Of Knowledge’ which was released over two formats in June 2016.
It is a full-length album with 4 Sub-Sectioned Pieces that include a title track that clocks up a massive 23 Minutes, with the shortest of the four (‘Know’) coming in at 11 Minutes!

In all departments this really is an exciting release… the packaging is excellent and the music is superb, with Anderson – in classic fantasy style - leading the way in the vocal department with his trademark lyrics, and Stolt heading a band of stunning instrumentalists that at times provide excellent facsimiles of the sounds and styles of Steve Howe’s guitars (courtesy of Stolt) and Rick Wakeman’s ivories, much of which can be attributed to US keyboardist Tom Brislin who actually played with YES during the ‘Symphonic’ period.

The pair decided to join forces after Stolt's TRANSATLANTIC and Anderson appeared on the ‘Progressive Nation At Sea Cruise’ bill in 2014. They then spent 18 months writing and recording the album with artists including Tom Brislin (Yamaha C7 grand piano / Fender Rhodes piano / Hammond B3 organ / synthesizers), Lalle Larsson (grand piano / synthesizer), Jonas Reingold (bass / backing vovcals), Michael Stolt (bass / Moog bass) and Felix Lehrmann (drums). Daniel Gildenlow, Nad Sylvan, Anja Obermayer, Maria Rerych and Kristina Westas all provided backing vocals.

On top of the lead & backing vocals Jon Anderson plays some synthesizer & percussion, with Roine Stolt running the gamut of electric, acoustic & Portuguese guitars, Dobro, lap-steel, keyboards, percussion & backing vocals.

All the band members have contributed to a sound that is very noticeably YES-like at times!

Anderson says: "Music is always the driving force in my life. Working with such a wonderful musician as Roine Stolt made the creation of this album very unique, and we are very excited about the release of ‘Invention Of Knowledge’.“
Stolt adds: “It is not aiming at being new YES music, just new music – modern and classical, rock, tribal and orchestrated, grooving and floating. Hopefully in the true spirit of ‘Progressive’ - leaning forward, surprising and also comforting with familiar run-arounds. We’ve been 'inventing' as we go along - Jon is an endless source of new ideas. We’ve been bouncing ideas back and forth for months and as a result there are probably dozens of versions of these songs. It’s been a very interesting and rewarding time and the result is just insanely detailed.”

‘Invention Of Knowledge’ is also available as a Double HQ Vinyl LP+CD Package – Stock # 1856669

‘Invention Of Knowledge’ was released on 24th June 2016.


Invention Of Knowledge (23:00)…
01. Invention (9:39)
02. We Are Truth (6:41)
03. Knowledge (6:31)
Knowing (17:54)…
04. Knowing (10:31)
05. Chase And Harmony (7:19)
Everybody Heals (13:20)…
06. Everybody Heals (7:36)
07. Better By Far (2:03)
08. Golden Light (3:30)
Know (11:13)…
09. Know (11:13)

TPT - 65:05