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Again it’s a very welcome return for the enigmatic UK synthesizer maestro, with this, the 2nd in a planned trilogy of new Electronica releases!

‘Vanguard 1’ was Andy Pickford’s first major solo release since 2002. The album has sold extremely well at CDS Towers and although it was an album that somewhat divided his large CDS fan-base, without steering too far from his melodious synth music past, it introduced Andy making a new, more modern style of Electronica – This is another of those albums, but any fans who perhaps may have struggled with his new music so far should take a deep listen to what is going on with this, the 2nd volume of ‘Vanguard’.

From the AD Music sales notes… The second in the ‘Vanguard’ trilogy continues Andy Pickford’s vision of pulsating and melodic Electronica. The music effortlessly crosses the boundaries between traditional electronic music and Contemporary Electronica and down-tempo Chill Out music.
‘Vanguard 2’ is full of compelling creativity, presenting a selection of ten superbly constructed, interlinked tracks, all characterised by strong rhythms, sequences and terrific melodies.
As you would expect, the music is very melodic, and Andy Pickford again shows a maturity that builds on his considerable musical expertise, expanding his musical style, rather than simply emulating past glories, without ever losing sight of his EM roots.
If you enjoyed ‘Vanguard 1’, then this superbly presented slice of contemporary electronic music is essential listening.

And from Dave at CDS Towers viewpoint…
Having worked with Andy during the years where we were building his fanbase together, I like many of you know full well the immense talent in the “tune” department that is Andy Pickford, and although he is developing his “tunes” in a different way now, there is no doubt that he is still a master of his art, you just have to get your head around the way he puts his music together now. What some people forget is that as well as being a fantastic “tunesmith” Andy was also a phenomenal producer and arranger of his earlier work. I was always staggered how – using the most basic of equipment - he could turn the simplest of melodies and rhythmic structures into something so dynamic and exciting. These skills have never left him – they have just been diverted off into slightly different directions as he developed his own style of Electronica. The “tunes” are still there in abundance, as you will hear on the mighty opener: ‘Dreamrider’, a track full of rich dynamic melodies and haunting rhythms that brings back all the thrills and spills that for me were such a significant attraction of his early work. I’m also pleased to hear Andy using his voice once again on some tracks - I always highly rated his ability to write and sing a catchy hook and he doesn’t disappoint here either – just check out the magnificent: ‘Angel On The Water’.
‘Teardrop Serenade’ also has a terrifically stirring melody line as do many of the other tracks, but some are more masked within the production that others.

Dave Wright is Andy’s new label boss, and he too has been a friend and business colleague on mine for almost as long as CD Services has been going, and knowing what he views as good music in the EM field I can say with hand on heart that he wouldn’t be entertaining anything without some kind of strong core melody at its heart.

I have now heard ‘Vanguard 2’ in full twice and my initial impressions are similar to those of ‘Vanguard 1’, except to say that I started to hear more of the Andy Pickford of old coming through earlier on some tracks than on the previous release. Some tracks will hit you straight off and others will need a few plays to absorb, but in any case there is so much to take in over seventy minutes it would be impossible to gel with all of this music in on just one airing. Andy’s talent for producing big, aggressive, driving tracks and well as those of a more dreamy atmospheric variety are still very much alive and well, but living in a new Electronica setting!

‘Vanguard 3’ is already recorded and in the can awaiting planned releases in the near future.

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‘Vanguard-Part 2’ is released on 10th June 2016.


01. Dreamrider (7:38)
02. Deep Blue Horizon (6:25)
03. Release (6:44)
04. Look Into Your Heart (5:50)
05. North-Eagle (12:13)
06. Teardrop Serenade (5:35)
07. Slide Rules (4:52)
08. Wish U (5:47)
09. Meltwater (9:22)
10. Break (6:35)

TPT - 71:02