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Product Format: LP               

Price: Normally £23.99 Currently £18.33 (exc) £21.99 (inc)


Following the sad death of Keith Emerson earlier in 2016, this 140gm Vinyl LP of the ELP classic has been cut from the 2014 Andy Pearce Stereo Remaster!

If you want this on fresh new Vinyl with new sound to match and a quality replication of the Original Fold-Out Sleeve, then this could be for you!
Produced in association with band members & management, this 2016 Vinyl edition of the original 1973 ‘Brain Salad Surgery’ album has been cut for vinyl for the first time using audio from the 2014 24 Bit / High Density Remaster created by world-renowned rock mastering engineer Andy Pearce, with the Elaborate Original Sleeve Design faithfully reproduced to a high standard, including retaining the Die-Cut Front Gatefold and Fold-Out Poster.
Being the first ELP album to be originally released on the band’s own Manticore imprint, the vinyl disc labels have also been accurately represented.

About the band and the album…
Formed in 1970, ELP were torchbearers of the progressive rock sound and one of rock’s first super-groups.
ELP helped to broaden the audience for the genre from hundreds of thousands into tens of millions and were one the most commercially successful rock bands of the 1970’s, achieving global sales of over 40 million albums Their first seven album releases all made the U.K. albums chart top ten and U.S. top 20.

Originally Released on ELP’s own label in 1973, ‘Brain Salad Surgery’ was the Prog supergroup’s 4th album and the first to appear on their Manticore imprint. Encapsulated by the phrase: “Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends,” it carried the half-hour magnum opus ‘Karn Evil 9’ along with their reinterpretation of: ‘Jerusalem’, Greg Lake’s ‘Still… You Turn Me On’, ‘Benny The Bouncer’ and Keith Emerson’s adaptation of Albert Ginestera’s ‘Toccata’. The album also came with an innovative sleeve design the featured two die-cut flaps on the front cover.

Footnote on the 2016 ELP Vinyl Reissues…
After the July 2016 re-release of the ‘ELP’, ‘Pictures At An Exhibition’ and ‘Tarkus’ albums, we've had some queries as to why the vinyl isn't 180gm but 'merely' 140gm vinyl! Well, here's the answer from none other than Mr. Lake himself:

“To all friends of vinyl.
Ever since producing and recording with King Crimson and ELP, it has been my personal goal to achieve the best possible sound quality and that remains true to this day.
Regarding the audio reproduction quality on vinyl, the popular perception for some time has been that the best sound quality is achieved by using 180gsm weight. The reality, however, is that particularly when using modern decks, the best audio quality is actually achieved using the lighter 140gsm weight.
I am honestly not sure why this trend of using heavyweight vinyl came about? Probably because of the ‘more equals better’ in the world we live in. However, in the interests of delivering the best quality audio to our fans we have decided to go for quality rather than quantity.
Just to underpin the above vinyl quality issue, here below is a short explanation/statement from Mr. Helmut Brinkmann of Brinkmann Audio, a leading authority on this subject.” Greg Lake, 2016

“180 or 200 grams records often don’t sound as good as the thinner ones. In my opinion this comes from the massive acrylic material. As this is plastic of quite some softness, it reacts in the form of resonances during the tracking process.
As good as the recorded music may sound, the plastic sound of vinyl does not…. the music is disturbed by those resonances.
Though the thicker record may be stiffer than a thinner one, the resonances are heavier because of the sheer mass of the material (which is not that stiff compared to the dynamic tracking forces).
We know that the needle is accelerated to a few G gravity, and that causes back force resonances in the vinyl material. The more vinyl is under the needle, the more these resonances can arise.”
Helmut Brinkmann, 2016

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‘Brain Salad Surgery’ is released on 30th September 2016.


Side 1:
01. Jerusalem
02. Toccata
03. Still…You Turn Me On
04. Benny The Bouncer
05. Karn Evil 9 – 1st Impression – Part One

Side 2:
01. Karn Evil 9 – 1st Impression - Part Two
02. Karn Evil 9 – 2nd Impression
03. Karn Evil 9 – 3rd Impression