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Product Format: 2CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: Normally £12.99 Currently £9.99 (exc) £11.99 (inc)


Following the sad death of Keith Emerson earlier in 2016, this Double CD Dig-Pak reissue of the ELP classic includes the 2014 Remaster & Alternate Album!

Yes it is the ELP back catalogue again – pretty much in similarly styled packaging as the 2012/15 Sony re-issue series, but on another new label! Produced in association with band members & management, this Double CD contains two mixes of the album, and apart from the fact that the 3rd disc of 5.1 Surround mixes has been removed, the Inner Artwork & Booklet has been changed, and proper on-body Manticore Label designs have used on the discs, it is otherwise identical to the 2014 Sony edition!

Disc 1 is the 24 bit / High Density 2014 Remaster of the original 1972 album by world-renowned rock mastering engineer Andy Pearce.
Disc 2 is the 2014 Jakko M. Jakszyk Alternate Album, B-Sides and Alternate Versions, as well as the now legendary NME flexi-disc. The difference with this disc when compared to the 2014 Sony version is down to just the running order of the 13 tracks – which is different – otherwise it is identical.

The packaging is a Triple-Panel Digi-Pak with a 16-Page Booklet that is different to the 2014 Sony one, featuring extensive notes that include a 2016 Interview with band members by legendary rock journalist Chris Welch.
Being the first ELP album to be originally released on the band’s own Manticore imprint, the on-body disc label prints have also been accurately represented.

All in all, if you don’t already own the 2014 Sony issue, this is an excellent value-for money package.
However, if you do have the Sony 3-Disc version, but want a copy that looks a little more authentic, has a different track running order on the 2nd disc with a different booklet and inner artwork, then it is a bit of an extravagance!

About the band and the album…
Formed in 1970, ELP were torchbearers of the progressive rock sound and one of rock’s first super-groups.
ELP helped to broaden the audience for the genre from hundreds of thousands into tens of millions and were one the most commercially successful rock bands of the 1970’s, achieving global sales of over 40 million albums Their first seven album releases all made the U.K. albums chart top ten and U.S. top 20.

Originally Released on ELP’s own label in 1973, ‘Brain Salad Surgery’ was the Prog supergroup’s 4th album and the first to appear on their Manticore imprint. Encapsulated by the phrase: “Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends,” it carried the half-hour magnum opus ‘Karn Evil 9’ along with their reinterpretation of: ‘Jerusalem’, Greg Lake’s ‘Still… You Turn Me On’, ‘Benny The Bouncer’ and Keith Emerson’s adaptation of Albert Ginestera’s ‘Toccata’. The album also came with an innovative sleeve design the featured two die-cut flaps on the front cover.

‘Brain Salad Surgery’ is also available as a 2016 Vinyl LP from the 2014 Remaster – Stock # 1893469

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‘Brain Salad Surgery’ is released on 30th September 2016.


CD 1 [Original 1973 Album - 2014 Remaster]:
01. Jerusalem
02. Toccata
03. Still…You Turn Me On
04. Benny The Bouncer
05. Karn Evil 9 – 1st Impression – Part One
06. Karn Evil 9 – 1st Impression – Part Two
07. Karn Evil 9 – 2nd Impression
08. Karn Evil 9 – 3rd Impression

CD 2 [Alternate Album - Jakko M Jakszyk 2015 Stereo Mixes]:
01. When Apple Blossoms Bloom In The Windmills Of Your Mind I'll Be Your Valentine [Single B-Side]
02. Brain Salad Surgery [Single B-Side]
03. Karn Evil 9 – 3rd Impression [Original Backing Track]
04. Jerusalem [1st Mix]
05. Still …You Turn Me On [1st Mix]
06. Toccata [Alternate Version]
07. Karn Evil 9 – 1st Impression - Part One [Alternate Version]
08. Karn Evil 9 – 1st Impression - Part Two [Alternate Version]
09. Karn Evil 9 – 2nd Impression [Alternate Version]
10. Karn Evil 9 – 3rd Impression [Alternate Version]
11. Excerpts from Brain Salad Surgery [NME Flexi Disc]
12. Brain Salad Surgery [Instrumental]
13. Karn Evil 9 – 3rd Impression [Different Version]