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Incredible 2011 mainly instrumental debut containing top-quality playing - Rock and Prog fans will be amazed at the levels of excellence achieved here!

In 2017 X-PANDA are a melodic Symphonic Progressive Metal band from Estonia, but for this, their first album from 2011, their roots were more geared towards instrumental Progressive Fusion with a metallic edge!
Simultaneously accessible and catchy, their music is powerfully tuneful with added jazz-fusion hooks and embellishments. Accurately described as: “powerful, dreamy, emotional, versatile, astounding, diverse, playful and adventurous”, the band fusing all these different elements to create a wide spectrum of emotions and dynamics. They are an extremely accomplished, well-honed unit, delivering a consistently high standard of musicianship and performance across the board, and where there are vocals (perfect English by the way), they are very good, so there are no worries on that score. UK and Jeff Beck are possibly a good starting reference point for this first album.

Primarily instrumental, ’Flight Of Fancy’ features a unique blending of energetic, melodic Symphonic Progressive-Rock and Fusion, and it is delivered in such dramatic style that it holds your interest from start to finish.
Sighting names such as PLANET X (on ‘Dickybirds’), prolific session drummer Simon Phillips (on ‘Flight Of Fancy’) and PORCUPINE TREE’s Gavin Harrison (on ‘Crystal Gazing’) as influential, the band deliver some amazing playing, with keyboards and guitars sharing lead duties over a seriously hot rhythm section – believe me, these guys really can play!

The musician line-up for ‘Flight Of Fancy’ is: Kaarel Tamra (keyboards), Risto Virkhausen (guitars), Tamar Nugis (vocals / bass guitar) and Karl-Juhan Loanesaar (drums).

‘Flight Of Fancy’ comes packaged in a Standard Jewelcase with a 12-Page Colour Booklet.

Here’s a track-by-track rundown…
After the short ethereal synth ‘Intro’ piece, the band dive head-long into: ‘Black’, an all-out slice of instrumental Prog-Metal fusion where the guitar is set on stun and almost catching fire as the heat intensifies. Everything is kept tight and in check by the rhythm section and melody is always firmly rooted in the music’s core as dramatic orchestral and choral arrangements are added to the mix. Then the track heads into a pastoral section with vocals telling the story, until the drama resumes as band and orchestra set off again on a cinematic roller coaster ride to powerful and dynamic effect. A melodic electric guitar lead theme adds a stunning solo into the mix as the track draws to a close with the keyboards, rhythm section and orchestra creating a huge symphonic backdrop.

‘Dickybirds’ opens with a delightful piano run, then the rest of the band come in and it takes the form of a fantastic, skilfully played piece of tight instrumental Progressive fusion with all-sorts of other influential passages come in along the way.

‘Flight Of Fancy’ starts out with a high flying guitar lead, and as the rhythm section warms up, an intricate keyboard run enter the mix the track really starts to reveal some incredible music that instantly confirms what this band of four musicians are made of, with exciting, dynamic passages of Rock Metal that’s embellished by stunning synthesizer interplay as the track builds and develops. You can really hear the Simon Phillips influences coming through on this piece.

‘Siren’ is also a very strong rock track, and it’s hard to believe that this started out as a Eurovision Song Contest entry before X-PANDA took hold of it and gave it this hugely successful instrumental rock makeover!

‘Journey Of A Dream’ is another dynamic instrumental track with a theatrical edge that will blow you away with its melodic energy and brilliantly tight playing.

The following track, simply entitled: ‘Keyboard Solo’ will delight synth fans as Kaarel Tamra dances between different instruments, and some sounds positively smoulder as the bass and drums roar along and the intensity increases … and it’s not just keyboards; there’s some sparkling guitar parts included as well!

‘Rhythm Department’ highlights the … you’ve guessed it … bass and drums, but you might be forgiven for thinking that the ‘keyboard solo’ was still going on as the synths are initially still in the driving seat!
As guitar riffs are added and the power intensifies, the bass and drums come forward in the mix to display just what a tight unit they are, and as all the band come together it becomes a totally controlled piece of fusion influenced rock with multiple keyboard layers, heavy riffing guitar breaks and sensational solos giving the work a strong melodic structure – stunning stuff indeed!

‘Calm Waters’ is a beautiful slice of slick, laid-back, melodic instrumental Prog fusion, with melodic keyboard washes rolling out over smooth bass and intricate drumming, with ethereal atmospheric synth backdrops and melodic acoustic guitar runs giving the music a clearly 90’s west-coast US influenced sound.

‘Crystal Gazing’ takes us back to a more rock-based instrumental territory that’s inspired by the work of drummer Gavin Harrison’s videos and book. The track features some amazing melodic guitar phrasing set over a mix of ethereal and dramatic keyboard backdrops and note-bending synthesizer work.
It is a dynamic, dramatic, cinematic instrumental work that really does showcase the skills of the players in this band, and it also features some excellent orchestral and choral arranging as the track builds towards a fantastic finale.

‘Revelation’ closes the album with a big production that features the excellent vocals of Tamar Nugis. Huge melodic guitar runs form over swathes of keyboard orchestrations and choral backdrops, creating a powerful atmosphere as the band hit their most theatrical part of the album so far.

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01. Intro (0:49)
02. Black (11:00)
03. Dickybirds (7:01)
04. Flight Of Fancy (7:04)
05. Siren (4:22)
06. Journey Of A Dream (11:06)
07. Keyboard Solo (3:20)
08. Rhythm Department (5:58)
09. Calm Waters (4:17)
10. Crystal Gazing (8:16)
11. Revelation (6:24)

TPT: 69:49