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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

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Originally a 1977 French Egg Label import, this Psych Synth music classic has been properly Remastered and had almost 10 minutes of extra music added!

Tim Blake needs no introduction to CDS customers – we've been selling his music since the first French Mantra label CD releases produced in the early 90’s, so it is with great pleasure that we can announce the highly anticipated March 2017 remasters of his groundbreaking 70’s albums: ‘Crystal Machine’ and ‘New Jerusalem’!
The same treatment has been given to Blake’s 1991: ‘Magick’ (due April 2017) and his year 2000 release: ‘Tide Of The Century’ (due May 2017)!
As Tim himself declares: “It's interesting to note that we are now 40 years on from ‘Crystal Machine’s’ release, and 45 Years of me working on electronique creations outside of GONG and HAWKWIND”.

The original cosmic crusader with an amazing Remastered re-issue packed with his brand of Cosmic, Psychedelic Electronic music featuring the swirling synthesizers, guitars, sequencers some vocals and the other electronic effects he became famous for. This album and it’s follow-up LP: ‘New Jerusalem’ influenced many other future artists and bands who delved into the realms of space rock, as they took on influences of Blake's ultimate and groundbreaking style of cosmic music that he took into a new dimension in the late 70's.

‘Crystal Machine’ was originally released on vinyl LP in 1977 on the Egg label, then on CD for the first time in year 2000 by the French Mantra label and again in 2002 on the UK based Voiceprint label, but this 2017 edition in the first properly Remastered version to be released on CD, and with 3 Bonus Tracks.

‘Crystal Machine’ originally featured two pieces recorded live in the UK and in France. Now regarded as a truly pioneering work, this edition of ‘Crystal Machine’ has been Newly Remastered and now includes 3 Bonus Tracks: ‘Surf’ was recorded in 1976 at Chateau d'Herouville studios in France and issued as a (now very rare) Single under the pseudonym Saratoga Space Messengers. This reissue also includes both sides of the rare Spanish single ‘Synthese Intemporel’ as Bonus Tracks.

The accompanying 16-Page Booklet features a New Essay and fully restores the Original Album Artwork.

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‘Crystal Machine’ was released on 30th March 2017.


01. Midnight (6:25)
02. Metro / Logic (6:28)
03. Last Ride Of The Boogie Child [Seasalter Free Festival - 1976] (7:53)
04. Synthese Intemporel [Le Palace Theatre Paris - 18/02/1977] (15:36)
05. Crystal Presence (2:10)
06. Surf [A-side of Single - Credited To Saratoga Space Messengers] (3:41) * Bonus Track *
07. Synthese Intemporel I [A-side of Spanish Single - Previously Unreleased on CD] (3:21) * Bonus Track *
08. Synthese Intemporel II [B-side of Spanish Single - Previously Unreleased on CD] (2:20) * Bonus Track *

TPT – 47:56