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3rd & final episode of incredible best-selling Italian Instrumental Symphonic Prog series - Steve Hackett, Nick Magnus & other stars feature prominently!

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‘Rome Pro(g)ject III – Exegi Monumentum Aere Perennius’ is the final act of an exciting instrumental trilogy of albums by an un-comparable "open band" that, in five years, has been affirmed as one of the most interesting and significant examples of keyboards driven (mainly classic Mellotron) Progressive Rock on the Planet!

‘Raised Monumentum’ contains 13 New Tracks, two of which are moving tributes to John Wetton and Keith Emerson and the CD comes beautifully packaged in a Digi-Pak together with a 16-Page Colour Booklet!

It comes one and a half years after the huge success of the 2nd volume in the trilogy of albums and five years after the 1st in the series, and it’s more of that Mellotron driven symphonic Prog as featured on these incredible first two releases. Those of you who already own the first two Rome Pro(g)ject albums will know just how good these are, and like us, are also very excited about the release of the 3rd volume in the series.

About Rome Pro(g)ject III …
"The musical walk through the history and the places, the greatness and the beauty of the Eternal City" and its "Fate And Glory", will now come to an end with its - possibly - best performance!

‘Exegi Monumentum Aere Perennius’ (or in English, ‘I Have Raised A Monumentum More Lasting Than Bronze’) is the 3rd and final part of the Rome Pro(g)ject trilogy and again it was masterminded, conceived, composed, arranged and produced by Italian keyboardist: Vincenzo Ricca.
Apart from one of the 3 Bonus Tracks, the album is ALL-INSTRUMENTAL, and on top of the core line-up of:
Vincenzo Ricca (Mellotrons / Synthesizers / Hammond organ), Paolo Ricca (electric guitar), Roberto Vitelli (Moog Taurus bass pedals / electric bass) and Daniele Pomo (drums), you are treated to amazing contributions from: Steve Hackett (electric lead & classical guitars on three tracks), Nick Magnus (piano on two tracks), John Hackett (flute on two tracks), Franck Carducci (12-string acoustic guitar / electric bass on two tracks), David Jackson (winds on two tracks) and David Cross (electric violin on four tracks).
Francesco Di Giacomo (vocal), Danilo Chiarella (electric bass) and Maurizio Mirabelli (drums) each appear on one of the 3 Bonus Tracks.

Now, a bit about the ROME PRO(G)JECT...
MAJOR MELLOTRON ALERT!!! If you have ever been a fan of this classic keyboard within an instrumental Prog environment, you will find no better modern example of it than on the Rome Pro(g)ject trilogy of albums!
The instrument is all over all of them!
All-instrumental, these are really outstanding works of blissful keyboards driven symphonic Prog with all the lush, ethereal keyboards (Moog / Mellotron / Hammond etc.), high flying electric plus tranquil acoustic guitars, some winds and percussion with all the drama, spine-tingling atmosphere and heaven-bound crescendos the genre can offer!

Since the arrival of the original ‘Rome Pro(g)ject’ album in late 2012, and its 2016 follow-up: ‘Of Fate And Glory’ both (as expected) have turned out to be a massive hits with CDS Towers' customers. The first became our number one Prog album for the first quarter of 2013, continuing to sell regularly throughout the rest of that year, into 2014 and beyond. Then the second album repeated the process throughout 2016 and into 2017, now we have a third that is certain to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors during late December 2017 and onwards into 2018!

Conceived, produced by arranger/keyboardist Vincenzo Ricca, the Rome Pro(g)ject is an instrumental Symphonic Prog concept that really hits the nail right on the head if you are into the style of guitar / keyboards (Mellotron choirs, strings, brass etc.) driven, grandiose, classy instrumental Prog from the same league as GENESIS, Steve Hackett and PFM. If you like any or all of the following things – the ‘Rome Pro(g)ject’ music is essential…
Instrumental GENESIS - think ‘Firth Of Fifth’, ‘Los Endos’, ‘Entangled’, ‘Hairless Heart’, ‘The Lamia’ etc.!
Any of Nick Magnus’ symphonic keyboard epics! Symphonic PFM at their best!
Steve Hackett’s solo album instrumental epics like: ‘Voyage Of The Acolyte’ or ‘Spectral Mornings’!

‘Rome Pro(G)ject III-Raised Monumentum’ was released on 24th December 2017.

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V/A: ROME PRO(G)JECT III: RAISED MOMENTUM Track List [plus details of the guest players on each]:

01. Proemium [ft: Nick Magnus] (2:04)
02. Exegi Monumentum [ft: Steve Hackett {ELG}, John Hackett & Franck Carducci] (15:04)
03. Once Were Romans [ft: David Jackson] (5:49)
04. Of Myths And Gods [ft: John Hackett & Franck Carducci] (5:05)
05. 476 A.C. {Song For Wetton} [ft: David Cross] (5:41)
06. Aere Perennius - I (1:36)
07. Aere Perennius - II {Song For Emerson} (4:13)
08. Aere Perennius - III [ft: David Cross & David Jackson] (4:31)
09. Aere Perennius - IV [ft: David Cross] (4:24)
10. Epilogus [ft: Nick Magnus] (1:15)
11. Ab Urbe Condita [ft: Steve Hackett {CG} & Francesco Di Giacomo] (2:18) * Bonus Track *
12. Non Omnis Moriar [ft. David Cross] (3:15) * Bonus Track *
13. Down To Domus Aurea [ft: Steve Hackett {ELG}, Danilo Chiarella & Mavrizio Mirabelli] (4:33) * Bonus Track *

TPT: 59:48