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Product Format: 2CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

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Another stunner from the Dutch melodic-Prog unit packed with fantastic music of the highest order … and there’s a guest slot for CAMEL’s Andrew Latimer!

Delayed from its original release date of 20th October 2017 because KAYAK, have once more signed to a major Prog label. Now all of a sudden, numerous Prog 'specialist' retailers are scrabbling around wondering why they've never heard of them! Well, you know that we at CDS Towers are totally committed to the qualities of this band’s music - every single album since we started in the mid-80’s has been promoted heavily by us over the years, so it is with great pleasure that we can announce the arrival of this long-awaited new studio album!

‘Seventeen’ contains just over 60 minutes of epic melodic KAYAK music that, just as it always has, finds a perfect balance between diverse long tracks such as: ‘La Peregrina’, ‘Cracks’ or ‘Walk Through Fire’ and straighter anthems like: ‘All That I Want’, ‘Somebody’ or ‘Feather And Tar’. A brilliant union of 70’s classic rock, Progressive arrangements and straightforward, catchy rock with excellent musicianship and powerful vocals!

So, with the new line-up of: Ton Scherpenzeel (keyboards / vocals / bass), Marcel Singor (electric & acoustic guitars), Bart Schwertmann (vocals), Kristoffer Gildenlow (bass) and Collin Leijenaar (drums), nothing much has changed – all the strength and quality of the music is still there in abundance and if anything, more compelling than before.
CAMEL fans should also note that friend of KAYAK Andy Latimer has a guest performance on the track: ‘Ripples On The Water’, where he plays electric and acoustic guitars.
Other gusts are: Lean Robbemont (drums), Rens van der Zalm (fiddle on track 10), Izak Boom (banjo & ukelele on track 9) and Nico Outhuijse (percussion on tracks 2, 5, 6, 8, & 11) and additional backing vocals.

About KAYAK…
If you haven't heard them before, KAYAK is one on the biggest Melodic Prog band to come out of the Netherlands.
Starting out on the European arm of EMI’s Harvest label back in the early seventies, they quickly became known as a quality outfit that mixed strong vocal arrangements with great lyrics and powerful melodies, all driven by Progressive Symphonic Rock instrumentation of evenly balanced keyboards and guitar, with a tight and fluent rhythm section at their core.
After a mid-seventies move to the Vertigo label – Polydor records Progressive Rock label - KAYAK further honed their sound to take in a more mass-appeal audience, creating several concept albums along the way and developing their style to an area where you might think ‘Rumours’ Fleetwood Mac meets ‘Snow Goose’ CAMEL!
Fans of Andrew Latimer’s band will already know that KAYAK leader and keyboard wizard Ton Scherpenzeel was also at one time the front-line keyboards player for CAMEL!
Throughout the 90’s KAYAK were quite as far a new material was concerned, but Pseudonym Records - a small indie Dutch label renowned for launching the career of Progressive giant AYREON - re-issued several of the band’s EMI and Vertigo albums up until the year 2000, when KAYAK make their comeback with: ‘Close To The Fire’, their independently released album. Over the next 17 years several others have followed on their own label at regular intervals as the band continue to forge ahead and prove they are still a force to be reckoned with in the modern Progressive-Rock era. More recently UK based label Esoteric Recording has taken interest in KAYAK by re-issuing their early EMI catalogue over here in the UK … and now in 2018 we have the magnificent: ‘Seventeen’, their first album for German based Progressive & Modern Rock label: InsideOut.

‘Seventeen’ is also available as a HQ Double Vinyl LP + Single CD Package – Stock # 2022104

‘Seventeen’ was released on 12th January 2018.

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CD 1:
01. Somebody (3:04)
02. La Peregrina (11:42)
03. Falling (3:08)
04. Feathers And Tar (3:14)
05. Walk Through Fire (10:23)
06. Ripples On The Water (3:40)
07. All That I Want (3:47)
08. X Marks The Spot (1:58)
09. God On Our Side (3:30)
10. Love, Sail Away (3:12)
11. Cracks (8:50)
12. To An End (3:32)
TPT – 60:05

CD 2:
01. Cracks [2016 demo] (10:16)
02. La Peregrina [2016 demo] (12:21)
03. Falling [2016 demo] (3:00)
04. Walk Through Fire [2016 demo] (10:41)
TPT: 36:22