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2018 follow-up to their 2013 successful instrumental debut and again it’s Prog classic covers feat. Steve & John Hackett alongside talented Italian players!

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This 2nd PLAYING THE HISTORY release follows the same instrumental Prog covers path and from the same group of core musicians and more, but instead of being a UK release, this time it’s the Italian crew that have taken on the manufacturing mantle.

Coming with an 8-Page Full-Colour Booklet, ‘Prog Alchymia’ will appeal to all fans of instrumental Prog in general, and of course, those of you - and there were many – who enjoyed that first album.
Again, this second production is certain to be a “must have” for all Steve Hackett collectors as he again has a gust spot!

This instrumental project was recorded in Rome, Italy, during 2017, and was, like its predecessor, was born out of friendship and the same incurable and inextinguishable love of Progressive-Rock music.

The core PLAYING THE HISTORY line-up is: Carlo Matteucci (bass guitar), John Hackett (flute), Marco Lo Muscio (piano / organ), David Jackson (VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR - sax / flutes), Giorgio Gabriel (The WATCH - electric & acoustic guitar) and Pino Magliani (drums).
The special guests on this one are: Steve Hackett (guitar / harmonica), Duncan Parsons (JOHN HACKETT Band - synthesizers / keyboards), Nick Fletcher ((JOHN HACKETT Band - guitars), Alessandro Forti (piano) and Giovanni Viaggi (synthesizers / keyboards).
Nick Magnus (ex STEVE HACKETT Band) didn’t play on the album but he is credited with some extra mixing for one track on the project.

Featuring 15 fresh instrumental interpretations of some of the masterpieces of Progressive Music and also included are pieces composed by the core PTH band members.

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PLAYING THE HISTORY: Prog Alchymia Track List:

[Original Artist detail in brackets]:
01. I Lost My Head – Part II [GENTLE GIANT] (4:06)
02. Ace Of Wands [STEVE HACKETT] (4:42)
03. Bouree [JETHRO TULL] (3:37)
04. Molde Canticle [JAN GARBAREK] (3:37)
05. Pilgrims [VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR] (6:06)
06. Moonchild [KING CRIMSON] (2:18)
07. The Flower [CARLO MATTEUCCI] (2:17)
08. Nights In White Satin [The MOODY BLUES]
09. Il Bambino La Pergola [CARLO MATTEUCCI] (2:40)
10. Promenade – The Sage [EMERSON LAKE & PALMER] (5:48)
11. Nastagio Deglionesti [MARCO LO MUSCIO] (3:36)
12. Sunset Ride In New Mexico [GIOGIO GABRIEL] (5:52)
13. Six-Eight For Starters! [JOHN HACKETT]
14. Second Chance [STEVE HACKETT] (2:07)
15. The Lamia [GENESIS] (7:04)

TPT – 61:10