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Amazing debut album from a young Italian Prog band with influences heavily steeped in 70’s classic Prog by the likes of P.F.M., MACHIAVEL and GENESIS!

Now this IS CLASS… we have just unearthed this real gem from 2017 by: CELLAR NOISE, a very young Progressive Rock group from Milan that play completely original English-sung compositions, paying homage to the classic sound of the 1970’s and looking towards the future at the same time!

‘Alight’ is their full-length debut album, and given the young age of the musicians involved, there is an incredibly impressive maturity level in both the musicianship and songwriting departments!

Nothing is left to chance, even from the band’s name choice: CELLAR NOISE is a metaphor of a small shake that awakens from the slumber of everyday life; an epiphany that is one of the main themes of ‘Alight’, a concept album constantly suspended between the real world and the protagonist’s mind, who on an ordinary day like many others is immersed in the enormous labyrinth of the London Underground, finding the meaning of an existence that he thought had been completely lost in the monotony of the daily routine.

The musical component is just as solid, built on large Hammond organ and Mellotron soundscapes, on which piano and other keyboards such as Mini-Moog and guitar scores are played skilfully with fine melodic taste, and always at the service of the melody and the narrative concept. As a result, the tracks, even if long and structured, carry the listener through a tale that is flowing and enticing at the same time.

‘Alight’, artistically directed by Fabio Zuffanti, is a completely ‘made in Italy’ high-quality production, but with an international flavour; a remarkable debut that’s already now candidate among progressive rock’s most important releases of 2018 and it is well deserved too.

I’ve picked up styles and themes that reminded me of classic period P.F.M., MACHIAVEL and GENESIS, so CELLAR NOISE have obviously been heavily influenced by what their elder mentors have achieved in the past!
The keyboard work (especially the fab trons) is sensational and tailor-made for fans of 70’s Prog, as is the ever-melodic guitars (acoustic and electric) and excellent vocal arrangements with a clean and detailed open production.

The musician line-up for CELLAR NOISE is:
Niccolo Gallani (grand piano / electric piano / Hammond organ / Mellotron / synthesizers), Francesco Lovari (lead & backing vocals), Alessandro Palmisano (lead and rhythm guitar / acoustic guitar), Loris Bersan (bass guitar / classical guitar) and Eric Bersan (drums / percussion), plus guests: Chiara Alberti (cello), Luca Tarantino (oboe) and Giulia Zanardo (flute).

The high quality of the music on ‘Alight’ is matched by the standard of the finish of the accompanying artwork, which takes the form of a stiff Gate-Fold Card Cover with Card Liner Sleeve and a 20-Page Booklet.

For me this album hits the nail right on the head if you are into classic 70’s style Symphonic Prog, and although, being an Italian import, it’s not cheap, after having heard the album through and then the final crescendos of the closing track sent shivers down my spine, I have to say it has to be worth every penny in my book and therefore comes highly recommended!


01. Dive With Me [instrumental] (9:32)
02. Underground Ride (8:03)
03. Embankment (6:29)
04. Temple (8:324)
05. Blackfriars (3:28)
06. Move The Stone (5:54)
07. Monument (8:53)

TPT – 50:35