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Powerhouse Synth Supergroup release only their 3rd album together since their self-titled debut album was released on the Deviant label back in 1995!

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NODE never do things by halves, so when they decided to perform an all to rare concert in London in 2015, they chose non other than the auspicious venue of the Royal College Of Music!
It’s almost certain that those hallowed halls have not seen such an assemblage of vintage and modular gear before, although indeed that could be said of anywhere else one can care to imagine!

The four members of NODE are: maverick producer and sonic legend: Flood, renowned producer and composer: Ed Buller, classically trained Doctor of music: Dave Bessell and Hollywood film composer: Mel Wesson, not only have between them a vast arsenal of synth gear to draw upon, but they also know how to use it in a live performance setting. Indeed this is no mean task as without the safety net of a backing track all those myriad knobs, dials and switches have to be manually tuned and set up, a task that took the intrepid quartet plus their road crew several hours to complete.

Why bother one may ask in this world of computers and plug-ins? Well simply because they can!
This is a performance - a unique event never to be repeated.
It’s a show where the physical presence of all that ancient, creaking analogue equipment is as much part of the performance as the music itself. And of course there’s the sound these instruments make - huge pulsating wall of analogue warmth that can rise from a delicate whisper to a mind-numbing crescendo of noise at the whim of the performers.

‘Node Live’ includes edits of four tracks from the concert, as well as a Bonus Piece recorded at the group’s rehearsal for the event.

Released as a Limited Edition run of just 2,000 copies in a beautiful 6-Panel Fold-Out Digi-Pak featuring a stunning wide-screen live group stage photo spread across the front with a Photographic Booklet enclosed, this is a must for lovers of “Berlin School” inspired sequencer music.

‘Node Live’ is released on 18th May 2018.

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01. Shinkansen North (14:17)
02. Perpertuum Mobile - 1 (13:23)
03. Arrival (12:17)
04. Shinkansen South (13:39)
05. Perpetuum Mobile - 2 (12:11)

TPT - 66:29