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Nick D’Virgilio rejoins the US Prog Rockers for their 13th studio album and finds them nurturing a more melodic approach to their amazing brand of the genre!

U.S. Progressive Rockers SPOCK’S BEARD release their 13th studio album: ‘Noise Floor’, and for this set, Ted Leonard, Alan Morse, Dave Meros and Ryo Okumoto are joined in the studio once again by drummer and original member: Nick D’Virgilio!

SPOCK'S BEARD is a band that is in a continual state of evolution, as is always the case with genuinely creative musicians, and ‘Noise Floor’ fits perfectly into this process.

“We are always about evolution, not revolution - but what we have done this time is make the songs more melodic,” believes vocalist/guitarist Ted Leonard. “We still love our crazy Prog, but now appreciate how important it is to grab people's attention early on.”

As with all SPOCK'S BEARD songs, most of the new album was written by the individual members, and then brought to the rest of the band as high-quality demos. “We all do this type of thing in our home studios,” says Leonard. “So, by the time they reach the stage where the entire band get to judge them, they are really developed, and therefore everyone can make a reasoned judgement.”
Much of what you will listen to here is very much the product of fresh inspiration from the Californian band.

One key change on this album sees the return of drummer: Nick D’Virgilio, who originally left in 2011. There are also two violinists, a cello player, a viola player and an English horn featured on the album, thereby giving the sound a slightly more evocative and persuasive twist.

‘Noise Floor’ is released as a 2CD Digi-Pak (featuring an EP of material from the same sessions) and a Gatefold Sleeved Double Vinyl LP with the CD version added as Bonus Discs packaged into the sleeve.

Long-time collaborator Rich Mouser has once more engineered the album.

‘Noise Floor’ is also available as a Double 180gm Vinyl LP – Stock # 2065907

‘Noise Floor’ is released on 25th May 2018.

CD 1:
01. To Breathe Another Day
02. What’s Become of Me
03. Somebody’s Home
04. Have We All Gone Crazy
05. So This Is Life
06. One So Wise
07. Box of Spiders
08. Beginnings

CD 2 [Cutting Room Floor EP]:
01. Days We’ll Remember
02. Bulletproof
03. Vault
04. Armageddon Nervous