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Jerome Froese (TANGERINE DREAM / LOOM) & Claudia Brücken (PROPAGANDA) collaborate on exciting 2018 11-Track (for CD) Electronic Crossover release!

When two icons of Electronic Music industry team up for a collaborative project, the result is destined to become something extraordinary!
‘Beginn’ is a deft fusion of the talents of: Claudia Brücken – famously the lead vocalist of revered German avant-pop 80’s group: PROPAGANDA – and Jerome Froese – who, as well as being the son of Edgar Froese, the Electronic Music pioneer and founding father of TANGERINE DREAM, is also the founding member of CDS favourites LOOM, an EM band he shares with ex-TD member Johannes Schmoelling, and as such needs no introduction really!

Brücken’s unmistakable voice covers an astounding bandwidth from ethereally fragile to experienced diva. Her unique vocals blend into fascinating electronic song structures that mix Froese’s trademark “Guitartronica” with synth-led gems that range from the loungecore to the experimental. Some tracks resonate as if an electronic re-imagining of the intricacies of the celebrated shoe-gaze sound of the COCTEAU TWINS. Other tracks pay equal homage to the fascinating electro-cool of the early 80’s New Wave; whereas throughout, the underpinning of dextrous breakbeat attacks are, also, often in evidence.

‘Beginn’ is a hybrid maelstrom of electronic sounds and sonic dreamscapes. It demonstrates the influence of both Froese’s and Brücken’s acclaimed output to date: Froese’s solo material and his work within LOOM and the TANGERINE DREAM albums he partook in, plus Brücken’s long and varied career as an icon of electronic pop in: PROPAGANDA, ACT & ONETWO and as a distinguished solo artist.

Suzanne Freytag, Brücken’s co-vocalist in PROPAGANDA, also collaborates on the song: ‘Sweet Sense [of] Liberation’, the album’s lead single.

‘Beginn’ – a work of electronic art that evokes a compelling and fascinating aesthetic at the same time as having mesmerisingly catchy pop moments!

The packaging for this Special Fold-Out Digi-Pak CD plus Booklet has been designed by Philip Marshall (ZTT, FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD & 808 STATE) with input from Claudia, Jerome & ZTT alumnus Paul Morley.

‘Beginn’ is also available as a Deluxe HQ Double Vinyl LP with 2 Bonus Tracks – Stock # 2066126

‘Beginn’ is released on 15th June 2018.


01. {The} Last Dance
02. Wounded
03. Flight {Of} Fancy
04. Cards
05. Light {Of The} Rising Sun
06. Whispers {Of} Immortality
07. Sound {Of The} Waves
08. Stars Walking Backwards
09. Forevermore
10. Sweet Sense {Of} Liberation [with Suzanne Freytag]
11. Unbound Spaces