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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: £14.99 (exc) £17.99 (inc)


Ex T-DREAM keyboardist Johannes Schmoelling together with Rob Waters, one of his LOOM partners with a brand new 2018 studio album!

This is LOOM, minus Jerome Froese, who is off doing his thing with Claudia Brucken, but never mind, the brilliant ex-TD melody man Johannes Schmoelling is there at the helm with his wonderful synthesizer / keyboard work, so we know this is going to be just great; and here it is…

After hearing the opening title track of ‘The Immortal Tourist’ it seems as if this is to be THE perfect mix of melody, rhythm and atmosphere that we all know and love from Johannes Schmoelling!
When the 2nd track: ‘My DNA’ has gone by it is certain that this is the case, and over and above the beautiful piano lead backed with glorious symphonic synths and solid rhythmic structures, this one contains a little additional voice sampling from that pioneering theorist/writer of the cosmos: Erich Von Daniken.
‘Maroque’ follows with more melody / rhythm / atmosphere perfectionism, but this time with a cosmic edge where a deeply moving, almost VANGELIS-like piano lead is surrounded by soft haunting synth textures! There’s even a faint harkening back to mid 70’s TANGERINE DREAM in the middle – end section.
Sequencing starts ‘Morning Walk’ up, then in comes a pure rush of strong synth melodies and all manner of beautiful background effects underpinned by light rhythmic structures … and yes there are some fantastic key changes to savour as well, but this track is all about the mega-tuneful, hook-laden Schmoelling synth solos!
The 5th track is a FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON remix of the previous track: ‘Morning Walk’ and as you might expect, the rhythmic structures and patterns become more of a focal point on this version, with the dreamy melodic themes kept in the background. The final minute or two is more about the atmospheric side of the music.
‘Drop Anchor In The Present Time’ returns to the more traditional melody making that JS is known for, but this is a more attacking melody line than we are used to from the man, with ethereal choral backdrops and miscellaneous sound effects fluttering here and there.
‘The Unknown’ opens with a short piano refrain before MOYA BRENNAN (the voice of CLANNAD) takes over with a haunting Celtic style lead vocal set over a dark, electronic arrangement of synthesizers and effects, augmented with just touches of acoustic instrumentation.

Yet again another glorious synth music CD where the traditional melodic synth playing style of Johannes Schmoelling meets with the more modern input from Rob Waters, and it all simply hits that perfect balance of tunefulness and rhythmic elements nail right on the head! For me Johannes Schmoelling is still one of THE best overall exponents of the German synth music genre, and together with Rob Waters he works well in the modern age as well.

‘Immortal Tourist’ was released on 15th June 2018.

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01. The Immortal Tourist (7:35)
02. My DNA [feat. ERICH VON DANIKEN] (4:04)
03. Maroque (7:04)
04. Morning Walk (6:43)
05. Morning Walk RMX [Remix by the FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON] (7:24)
06. Drop Anchor In The Present Time (5:39)
07. The Unknown [feat. the harp and voice of: MOYA BRENNAN] (4:55)

TPT - 43:26