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A new US based Prog Rock band that came to CDS Towers highly rated … after hearing the quality of their truly impressive music, I understood why!

We only discovered this magnificent 2016 debut album early in 2018, but it in this case it really is better late than never because I’m here to tell you that this CD is a league ahead of much of the new Prog we get to hear these days – Yes, there’s a lot of it about, but EVERSHIP really is something special, with influences from the divide that crosses between KANSAS and QUEEN!

EVERSHIP were founded by multi-instrumentalist / composer / producer / engineer Shane Atkinson, and I can’t remember getting so excited about a new US Prog band since I first heard GLASS HAMMER’s: ‘Chronometree’ album eighteen years ago, and that went on to be a MASSIVE seller for CDS Towers!

This EVERSHIP album just oozes quality from start to finish - the keyboards are melodic and symphonic, yet edgy at the same time, the guitars range from powerful to sensitive, and the whole album just wreaks of amazing musicianship, classy compositions and quality production.
This music ranges through melodic, hook-laden songs with incredible anthemic choruses to die for, and with plenty in the way of bombastic extended instrumental arrangements going on in-between.

Also, a point that everyone always wants to know when being recommended a new Prog band – is the vocalist any good? This time he is much better than just good - he is OUTSTANDING!
So, we’re off to a great start then!

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, a state more predominantly know as the home of Country Music and not particularly where you would expect to see a Progressive Rock album coming from, but then that state is where we found GLASS HAMMER many moons ago, and look where they are now!
As one US reviewer has said: “there must be something in the water there!!
Anyway, they are well practiced in the art of quality song writing in that part of the world and you get plenty of that with this EVERSHIP album.

Louisiana band KANSAS set the world on fire with their extraordinary symphonic blending of Prog and Rock back in the 70’s and 80’s and in a way, that’s what EVERSHIP are doing here on their debut album.
With writing of such a high standard played by a truly talented bunch of musicians and with an insanely gifted vocalist in board in the form of Beau West, this EVERSHIP album is an absolute gem!

I really can’t praise it highly enough – there is a true sense of effortlessness in the writing that I can only equate to that on some of the real classics of the seventies, and with a brand new studio album in the pipeline, I for one can’t wait to hear what’s been produced since this wonderful effort.

OK, so we are late to get onto the EVERSHIP bandwagon, but boy, are we glad we have found them because this is one of THE best Prog / Rock albums I’ve heard in a long time!

Musician Line-Up:
Beau West (lead vocals), Shane Atkinson (keyboards / drums / percussion / Theremin / Chapman stick / dulcimer / experimental guitar / sound design / orchestrations / vocals), with: James Atkinson (acoustic & lead guitars), Rob Higginbotham (classical, acoustic & electric rhythm guitars), Dan Smalley (classical guitar - track 5), Brandon Vestal (electric guitar – track 5), Jaymi Millard (bass), Michelle Priebe (violin), Mike Priebe (backing vocals) and Charles Heimermann (choir director - live at Green Hills' Cathedral).

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01. Silver Light (9:26)
02. Slow Descent Into Reality (12:39):
i. Everyman
ii. Slow Descent
iii. Wisdom Of The Ages
iv. Honest With Me
v. Battle Within
vi. Anyman
03. Evermore (10:09):
i. Eros
ii. Agape
04. Ultima Thule (10:28)
05. Flying Machine (13:44):
i. Dreamcarriers
ii. Dream Sequence
iii. Lift
06. Approach (1:58)

TPT - 58:24