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Product Format: 2CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

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Fantastic document of the 2017 tour from JON ANDERSON, TREVOR RABIN & RICK WAKEMAN with Lee Pomeroy and Louis Molino III playing YES classics!

In 2016, Jon Anderson (vocals) Trevor Rabin (guitars) and Rick Wakeman (keyboards) brought together their incredible talents and long experience of working in YES to take to the road for a series of concerts celebrating YES’ musical legacy of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. The full touring band line-up was completed by two extraordinary musicians: Lee Pomeroy (bass) and Louis Molino III (drums), who helped to ensure that immaculate YES artistic legacy remained intact.

YES [ARW] first toured North America and then brought their live show to the UK in early 2017, including this performance captured at the Manchester Apollo. The band are in superb form in front of a sell-out crowd who are clearly loving every minute of the show, which included such classic tracks such as: ‘Roundabout’, ‘Owner Of A Lonely Heart’, ‘And You And I’, ‘Hold On’, ‘Heart Of The Sunrise’, ‘Rhythm Of Love’, ‘I’ve Seen All Good People’ and of course many more.
Having experienced the Glasgow concert on the same tour myself, I can tell you that the return of Jon Anderson was a revelation … he has never been in finer voice than then!

‘Live At The Apollo’ is also available as a BLURAY Disc – Stock # 2086650
‘Live At The Apollo’ is also available as a DVD – Stock # 2086651
‘Live At The Apollo’ is also available as a Triple 180gm Vinyl LP – Stock # 2086652

‘Live At The Apollo’ is released on 7th September 2018.

YES [ARW]: LIVE AT THE APOLLO 2CD [Jewel Case] Track List:

CD 1:
01. Intro / Cinema / Perpetual Change
02. Hold On
03. I've Seen All Good People
i.) Your Move
ii.) All Good People
04. Lift Me Up
05. And You & I
i.) Cord Of Life
ii.) Eclipse
iii.) The Preacher, The Teacher
iv.) Apocalypse
06. Rhythm Of Love
07. Heart Of The Sunrise

CD 2:
01. Changes
02. Long Distance Runaround / The Fish {Schindleria Praematurus}
03. Awaken
04. Make It Easy / Owner Of A Lonely Heart
05. Roundabout