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Continuation of the time travelling concept classic first envisaged for the epic ‘Chronometree’ album that was first released by GLASS HAMMER back in 2000!

* Please click on the Video icon in right corner above to view & listen to a promotional YouTube album trailer *

GLASS HAMMER have been teasing a ‘Part 2’ of their highly successful 2000 release: ‘Chronometree’ for several weeks and it is now finally official. That tongue-in-cheek concept album told the story of Tom, a Prog-Rock obsessed teenager in the late seventies who heard alien voices communicating to him through his favourite albums. Tom has since grown up, but is apparently none-the-wiser!

We at CDS Towers are particularly looking forward to the arrival of ‘Chronomonaut’ (Part Two) because not only is ‘Chronometree’ (Part One) our biggest GLASS HAMMER release ever, it is also one of our best selling Prog titles of all time!!!

‘Chronomonaut’ is actually a stand-alone album in its own right and tells the story of Tom’s recent mid-life crises. Bassist and songwriter Steve Babb explains: “Apparently, the voices have returned and have been urging Tom to time-travel back to the glory days of the early Prog scene.”
Babb further elaborates: “Our album deals with time travel, nostalgia and the love of Prog-rock. ‘Chronomonaut’ protagonist, Tom, starts his own band and then makes the attempt to go back to the seventies in hopes of becoming a Prog-god! It’s all in fun and is really a very tongue-in-cheek look at how our favourite music can take us back in time.”

The band has been engaged in a buzz-creating viral marketing campaign that NJ ProgHouse Media Manager Jon Yarger describes as: “pure genius”.
“We not only have an epic music video set for release, we have also been releasing found footage from Tom describing his band’s exploits and his odd theories on time,” explains Babb.
Fans have been following Tom’s escapades for weeks before the album was announced, and are eagerly anticipating the ‘Chronomonaut’ release.

The gorgeous Digi-Pak sleeve design incorporates Tom’s story and lyrics.

The GLASS HAMMER line-up for ‘Chronomonaut’ is: Steve Babb (bass guitar / keyboards / backing vocals) is joined by Fred Schendel (keyboards / guitars / backing vocals), Susie Bogdanowicz (vocals) and Aaron Raulston (drums). Guest appearances include DISCIPLINE’s Matthew Parmenter and Chris Herin.

In conjunction with the release of ‘Chronomonaut’, the band has given its conceptual predecessor: ‘Chronometree’ a 2018 Remastered Makeover, plus they have added a Bonus Track (Stock # 2097238)

‘Chronomonaut’ is released simultaneously with ‘Chronometree’ [2018] on 16th October 2018.

‘Chronomonaut’ & ‘Chronometree’ [2018] are also available as a Specially Priced Combi Set - Stock # 2097524

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01. Land Of Lost Content (1:55)
02. Roll For Initiative (7:43)
03. Twilight Of The Godz (8:10)
04. Past Is Past (9:57)
05. 1980 Something (5:51)
06. Hole In The Sky (4:46)
07. Clockwork (2:14)
08. Melancholy Holiday (4:25)
09. It Always Burns Sideways (5:45)
10. Blinding Light (6:01)
11. Tangerine Meme (2:59)
12. Fade Away (10:34)

TPT - 70:20