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Product Format: BX08               

Price: Normally £49.99 Currently £34.99 (exc) £41.99 (inc)


2018 Deluxe Remasters in Shoebox style packaging containing 6 CD’s in Card Sleeves that feature 89 Tracks and include 58 Bonus Tracks, 30 of which are Previously Unreleased!

The discs have their Original LP Island Label Designs and the package comes with a Poster and 52-Page Hardback Book full of memorabilia and sleeve notes by MOTT THE HOOPLE fan club founder Kris Needs!

“MOTT would swing relentlessly and unstoppably into their show every night, like a marauding band of outlaws and every night there was something close to a riot – the kids couldn't get close enough; they simply couldn’t get enough. Ian Hunter – the unwritten boss – would plant himself centre-stage behind his shades and dare anyone to remain seated.“ Brian May - QUEEN

If all you know of MOTT THE HOOPLE are the handful of glorious pop singles released in the early to mid-seventies, then you'll know nothing of a very different band indeed.
Fuelled by copious ‘live’ work, sheer determination, and the madness of svengali producer/manager Guy Stevens, Mott’s first four albums show a band evolving with the sounds of the time and yet trying to remain true to themselves.

This beautifully and authentically produced collection starts with the Dylan-esque tunes of: ‘Mott The Hoople’, through Prog dabblings with: ‘Mad Shadows’, onto country-influenced rock on: ‘Wildlife’ and then kicking it all in the teeth with the full-on, devil-may-care, stay-true-to-yourself, rock power of: ‘Brain Capers’ (the latter arguably the most influential rock album you've never heard of!)

MOTT THE HOOPLE was a truly great band. Completely under-rated at the time, their long-term influence has been proven, being cited by everyone from Joe Strummer to Nikki Sixx, Joe Elliott to a Gallagher or two.

This ‘Mental Train’ box set brings together all the bands albums from their time with the Island label.
All have been Remastered from the Original Tapes (where available) by renowned engineer Andy Pearce.
The studio albums are each complimented by Bonus Tracks selected by sleeve note writer, and MOTT THE HOOPLE fan club founder Kris Needs, while Disc 5 contains more Unheard and, in some cases, Unreleased Music from the Island Archive.
The set is rounded off with a disc of ‘live’ material recorded at the Fairfield Hall, Croydon, 13th September 1970 and a BBC Radio One ‘In Concert’ recorded at the Paris Theatre, London – 30th December 1971.

It total this Box contains 58 Bonus Tracks!

Long-time MOTT sleeve designer Phil Smee, who has scoured the archives for Rare Photos and Memorabilia from the time to show the evolution of the band, has designed the packaging.
The reissue is housed in Shoe Box Style Packaging with a Folded Poster and a 52-Page Hardback Booklet included that contains detailed sleeve notes by Kris Needs.
Each album comes in a Card Sleeve that replicates the original release, and they have even been given an “aged” treatment look to make them even more authentic. The discs have also been produced authentically, using the Original Island Label Designs that appeared on the first pressings of the LP’s.

A beautifully assembled collection that is essential for ALL MOTT fans and beyond!

‘Mental Train’ is released on 2nd November 2018.


CD 1 [‘Mott The Hoople’]:
01. You Really Got Me
02. At the Crossroads
03. Laugh At Me
04. Backsliding Fearlessly
05. Rock And Roll Queen
06. Rabbit Foot And Toby Time
07. Half Moon Bay
08. Wrath And Wroll
09. If Your Heart Lay With The Rebel {Would You Cheer The Underdog?} [instrumental] * Bonus Track *
10. Rock And Roll Queen [single A-side] * Bonus Track *
11. Road To Birmingham [single B-side] * Bonus Track *
12. Road To Birmingham [Guy Steven’s mix] * Bonus Track *
13. You Really Got Me [complete take] * Bonus Track *
14. You Really Got Me [vocal mix] * Bonus Track *
15. Rock And Roll Queen [Guy Steven’s mono mix] * Bonus Track *
16. Rock And Roll Queen [kitchen sink Instrumental] * Bonus Track *
17. Little Christine {2 Miles} * Bonus Track *

CD 2 [‘Mad Shadows’]:
01. Thunderbuck Ram
02. No Wheels To Ride
03. You Are One Of Us
04. Walking With A Mountain
05. I Can Feel
06. Threads Of Iron
07. When My Mind’s Gone
08. Thunderbuck Ram [BBC session] * Bonus Track *
09. Thunderbuck Ram [original take with organ] * Bonus Track *
10. No Wheels To Ride [demo] * Bonus Track *
11. Moonbus {Baby’s Got A Down On Me} * Bonus Track *
12. The Hunchback Fish [vocal rehearsal] * Bonus Track *
13. You Are One Of Us [take 9] * Bonus Track *
14. Going Home [2 Miles] * Bonus Track *
15. Keep A-Knockin’ [studio version] * Bonus Track *

CD 3 [‘Wildlife’]:
01. Whiskey Women
02. Angel Of Eighth Avenue
03. Wrong Side Of The River
04. Waterlow
05. Lay Down
06. It Must Be Love
07. Original Mixed Up Kid
08. Home Is Where I Want To Be
09. Keep A-Knockin’ [live] * Bonus Track *
10. Midnight Lady [single A-side] * Bonus Track *
11. The Debt [single B-side] * Bonus Track *
12. Downtown [single A-side] * Bonus Track *
13. Brain Haulage {Whiskey Woman} * Bonus Track *
14. Growing Man Blues [take 10] * Bonus Track *
15. Long Red [demo] * Bonus Track *
16. Ballad Of Billy Joe * Bonus Track *
17. Lay Down [take 8] * Bonus Track *

CD 4 [‘Brain Capers’]:
01. Death May Be Your Santa Claus
02. Your Own Backyard
03. Darkness, Darkness
04. The Journey
05. Sweet Angeline
06. Second Love
07. The Moon Upstairs
08. The Wheel Of The Quivering Meat Conception
09. Mental Train {The Moon Upstairs} * Bonus Track *
10. How Long? {Death May Your Santa Claus} * Bonus Track *
11. Darkness, Darkness * Bonus Track *
12. Your Own Backyard [complete take] * Bonus Track *
13. Where Do You All Come From [backing track] * Bonus Track *
14. One Of The Boys [take 2] * Bonus Track *
15. Movin’ On [2 Miles] * Bonus Track *
16. Black Scorpio {Momma's Little Jewel} * Bonus Track *

CD 5 [Ballads Of Mott The Hoople * Bonus Tracks *]:
01. Like A Rolling Stone [fragment]
02. No Wheels to Ride [1st house]
03. Angel Of 8th Avenue [tape 816]
04. The Journey
05. Blue Broken Tears [tape 816]
06. Black Hills [full Ralph’s version]
07. Can You Sing The Song That I Sing [full take]
08. Till I’m Gone [2 Miles]
09. Original Mixed Up Kid [BBC session]
10. Ill Wind Blowing [2 Miles]
11. I’m A River [vocal rehearsal]
12. Ride On The Sun {Sea Diver} [2 Miles]

Disc 6 [It’s Live And Live Only * Bonus Tracks *]:
Fairfield Hall, Croydon - 13th September 1970:
01. Rock And Roll Queen
02. Ohio
03. No Wheels To Ride / Hey Jude
04. Thunderbuck Ram
05. Keep A-Knockin’
06. You Really Got Me
07. The Moon Upstairs
BBC Radio One ‘In Concert’ - Paris Theatre, London – 30th December 1971:
08. Whiskey Women
09. Your Own Backyard
10. Darkness, Darkness
11. The Journey
12. Death May Be Your Santa Claus