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Product Format: CD               

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Spectacular 50-minute close encounter of the finest kind – This is top-drawer magnificent FLOYD influenced melodic Prog Rock that ticks every box possible!

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‘Tales From Outer Space’ is an incredible achievement - If you are a fan of melodic Prog or Rock and you love PINK FLOYD and have never bought an RPWL album – just BUY THIS ALBUM because it is a future CLASSIC!!

Having been presented with an advance promo copy of ‘Tales From Outer Space’ I have had the privilege of hearing the album in its entirety and I think this is one of the finest melodic rock albums I have ever heard!!

A bit about the band…
Undoubtedly Germany’s finest ever PINK FLOYD influenced unit, RPWL’s catalogue has been among CDS Towers’ all-time best sellers for many years!
Featuring Yogi Lang (vocals / keyboards), Kalle Wallner (guitar / bass), Makus Jehle (keyboards) and Marc Turiaux (drums), the music of RPWL can best be assigned to Art and Progressive Rock - always melodic and song oriented, with fantastic extended instrumental breaks done in a classic FLOYD styling. The soft voice of Yogi Lang, which often reminds a little of David Gilmour, holds everything together wonderfully well.

Right from the release of their debut album ‘God Has Failed’ in year 2000, there has always an underlying strong comparison with PINK FLOYD in RPWL’s music, but the band has also fired it up themselves with the release and performance of the first conceptual ‘live’ show: ‘Pink Floyd's The Man And The Journey’ (2016) and their ‘RPWL Plays Pink Floyd’ (2015) album – a huge seller for us at CDS!
To be compared with the early work of PINK FLOYD is certainly not the worst reference, even and especially when Guy Pratt (PINK FLOYD and David Gilmour) himself performs bass on one track on the new album!

RPWL’s four-man crew have dedicated themselves entirely to science fiction on the new LP. While the last two albums: ‘Wanted’ and ‘Beyond Man In Time’ were concept albums, this time for ‘Tales From Outer Space’ there isn't a coherent story - but science fiction is the common denominator.
Singer and keyboarder Yogi Lang says: “This time it didn’t turn out to be a concept album in the true sense. There are seven short stories about science fiction, and for us it was not only thematically very interesting, but also musically an unbelievable playground, which literally invited us to experiment with sounds and all imaginable musical stylistic devices”.

“There are many stories about visits from extraterrestrials. Sometimes the aliens come as friends; sometimes they come to enslave us. On this cold night, lights in the sky are making people all over the world uneasy…”

Guitarist Kalle Wallner, who as always shines with his lyrical guitar playing - especially on the magnificent: ‘Light Of The World’ says: "After three ‘live’ albums it was a lot of fun to create our own songs again. I am incredibly proud of the new album and can hardly wait until we can finally present it live on our extensive 2019 European tour."

The ‘Tales From Outer Space’ track-by-track review…
Opening on swathes of Mellotron effects the opener sets out on a medium paced melodic rock song with a big hook, quality chorus and sensational playing it just sounds so fresh and exciting… LOVE IT … this is REAL QUALITY stuff and one of the finest opening tracks I’ve heard in a long time …right up there with the best of Steven Wilson / PORCUPINE TREE in terms of song construction and production.

‘Welcome To The Freak Show’ continues the magnificent sounds with another really melodic song with a highly infectious chorus.

‘Light Of The World’ is the longest track on the album and is simply stunning - EPIC - up on the same level as FLOYD’s ‘Comfortably Numb’ in terns of song quality and THAT spine-tingling guitar solo, not to mention the amazing keyboards work …including some really neat Mellotron!
With a top notch chorus, believe me when I tell you, this track strikes a real chord within us, giving you Goosebumps all over and bring a tear to your eye – it is nothing short of SENSATIONAL … a sure-fie 100% future classic for any PINK FLOYD fan for sure!!!

‘Not Our Place To Be’ is amazing too, with a great keyboard riff taking the lead initially, with the electric guitar coming in as the song bursts onto life. Again this has a catchy hook and an ethereal chorus that will stick in your head for ages! There’s some really nice early FLOYD psychedelic organ sounds in the track and this really come to the fore in the latter part of the track. Another perfectly formed slice of melodic rock!

‘What I Really Need’ s opening guitar riff intro sounds a bit like a U2 classic and it too is yet another infectious piece of high quality music with a great lyric! There are also strong underlying FLOYD feel in this track and it’s capped off with an amazing Gilmour-eseqe guitar solo section.

‘Give Birth To The Sun’ comes in gently with a beautiful keyboard melody and stunning vocal arrangement, and the synths and electro effects build an atmosphere until just past the two minute mark where the rhythm section kicks in and the band move into an instrumental passage led by an eerie space-synth melody followed by the electric guitar as it sweeps in with a hot solo set over streaming synth strings. A high register synth solos away tunefully then duels and duets with the guitar for over four fantastic instrumental minutes … this is classy stuff that seems to grow and expand so tunefully that you want it to go on forever before the final two minutes welcomes back Lang’s brilliant vocal arrangement. Just to top it all off, there’s another fine guitar solo to take the track out into the fade – wow, Wow WOW!!

‘Far Away From Home’ climaxes the album in a gentle way as it opens in a stream of quiet effects for a beautifully delivered vocal and piano. It’s an overall more low key track, but with a strong vocal delivery and a final thrilling guitar solo to complete a tremendously strong album that I think will offer many hours of listening pleasure to those who invest in it!’

‘Tales From Outer Space’ is also available as a Limited Edition Box – Stock # 2118259
‘Tales From Outer Space’ is also available as a Ltd Audiophile 180gm BLUE Vinyl LP – Stock # 2118258
‘Tales From Outer Space’ is also available as a Ltd Audiophile 180gm GREEN Vinyl LP – Stock # 2125140
‘Tales From Outer Space’ is also available as a Ltd Audiophile 180gm ORANGE Vinyl LP – Stock # 2125141
‘Tales From Outer Space’ is also available as a Ltd Audiophile 180gm RED Vinyl LP – Stock # 2125142

‘Tales From Outer Space’ is released on 22nd March 2019.


01. A New World (8:38)
02. Welcome To The Freak Show (6:15)
03. Light Of The World (10:08)
04. Not Our Place To Be (6:07)
05. What I Really Need (5:20)
06. Give Birth To The Sun (8:58)
07. Far Away From Home (4:34)

TPT 50:02