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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: £9.99 (exc) £11.99 (inc)


‘Sundred Sky’ is the complete melodic cosmic trip … If you enjoy this side of the electronic music genre you will struggle to beat this one by some margin!

Christopher Christou a.k.a. ETHERFYSH with his 4th album, and the first since his 2007 ‘On Your Way Home’ CD … Yes, he doesn’t make then that often, but when he does they are top class!

‘Sundred Sky’ is one these beautifully dreamy space music albums that takes you right out into the outer reaches, soothing and caressing as it flows through the cosmos on a melodious stream of soft Mellotron waves and gorgeous synth meteors that tinkle and sparkle lie stars in the sky above angelic space choirs, rhythms and other sundry electronic sounds and textural effects.

Most space music albums just drift and drone aimlessly, but not this one … it’s melodic as well as drifting and atmospheric and therefore holds the listeners interest from start to finish. There’s a fantastic restrained elegance and beauty within the music on this album that you will find totally compelling!
‘Sundred Sky’ is not an oppressive album, quite the opposite in fact! Uplifting in many respects, it delivers a perfect hour plus of serene escapism - and by God do we need something like that in these current depressing times, at least over here in the UK we do anyway … the perfect antidote to Brexit fever!

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‘The Sundred Sky’ was released on 19th March 2019.


01. Bloodstone (14:48)
02. Rotation (10:44)
03. Nightsands (15:52)
04. The Sundered Sky (16:53)
05. The Dying Earth (7:05)

TPT - 65:30